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spy classroom light novel thumbnail

Spy Classroom, Vol. 1: Lily of the Garden (Light Novel Review)

In an alternate setting vaguely similar to Cold-War-era Europe, seventeen-year-old Lily is in danger of flunking out of an elite spy training program. Suddenly, she's assigned to a specialized team named Lamplight...
bond and book the devotion of the surgery room light novel

Bond and Book: The Devotion of The Surgery Room (Light Novel Review)

Bond and Book: The Devotion of "The Surgery Room" by Mizuki Nomura is an episodic short story collection with a strange premise. Its protagonist, a teenage boy named Musubu, can talk to...
The Detective is Already Dead light novel thumbnail

The Detective Is Already Dead (Light Novel Review)

"Say this daily routine of mine—of ours—and all the little bits and pieces that aren’t routine happened to be a story. If there were people who were hoping that story would be...