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bond and book the devotion of the surgery room light novel

Bond and Book: The Devotion of The Surgery Room (Light Novel Review)

Bond and Book: The Devotion of "The Surgery Room" by Mizuki Nomura is an episodic short story collection with a strange premise. Its protagonist, a teenage boy named Musubu, can talk to...
if the rpg world had social media manga

If the RPG World Had Social Media (Manga Review)

When the demon lord kidnaps the princess, the kingdom turns to the hero to save the day. But when you introduce text messaging to the situation, things can get weird with the...
The Detective is Already Dead light novel thumbnail

The Detective Is Already Dead (Light Novel Review)

"Say this daily routine of mine—of ours—and all the little bits and pieces that aren’t routine happened to be a story. If there were people who were hoping that story would be...
reborn as a vending machine thumbnail

Reborn as a Vending Machine Manga Simulpub Announced by Yen Press

Yen Press announced their digital release of the manga series Reborn as a Vending Machine, I Now Wander the Dungeon. The publishing company will release the manga chapters in English at the same...
yen press august licenses

Catch These Hands, Cross-Dressing Villainess, Goblin Slayer TTRPG and 10 more Yen Press titles...

Yen Press has announced 8 manga and 5 novels they've licensed that will release in February 2022. Titles include Catch These Hands, Cross-Dressing Villainess Cecilia Sylvie, the Goblin Slayer TTRPG, and more.