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sazan & comet girl manga

Sazan & Comet Girl (Manga Review)

Sazan lived a simple life on Earth doing off-planet construction, landscaping, and maintenance jobs. Then one day he catches a ride from the eccentric “Comet Girl”, Mina, on her space scooter. She’s...
Yankee to Jushoku

Priest Teaches Buddhism Through Yankee to Jushoku Manga

Thanks to the Asahi Shimbun, the story of Buddhist priest Yoshiyuki Kondo has made its way onto the internet. Kondo has taken to teaching Buddhism through his own manga series titled Yankee...
sarazanmai anthology manga

Sarazanmai Anthology Manga Collection Licensed by Seven Seas

On January 15, 2021, Seven Seas Entertainment announced their license acquisition of the Sarazanmai Anthology manga. The manga is by various creators and is a collection of over a dozen short stories...

Ohio Lawmakers Attempt to Ban Dr. Susan Napier’s Book on Anime

Dr. Susan J. Napier, Goldthwaite professor of Rhetoric at Tufts University, recently spoke to Otaku USA  in regards to a recent push by Ohio lawmakers to pull a scholarly book she wrote...
the most tsundere boss in history

The Most Tsundere Boss and More SOZO Comics Added to Manga Planet

Ikebukuro, Japan - Manga Planet is pleased to announce that the following manga titles from SOZO Comics will be added to the Manga Planet Library: