Best Ships: Seven Cutest Couples

Love is in the air!


Love, a human emotion that many people can relate to. From first crushes to head over heels, love a basic human expression is fundamental in our growth as a society. Join us as we count down seven best ships!


7. Kamisama Hajimemashita (Kiss)

Nanami Monozono & Tomoe


Nanami is a land god and Tomoe serves under her as her familiar. Always being so close and near Tomoe, Nanami falls in love with him. Tomoe is in agreeance with the belief that relationships between humans are yokai shouldn’t happen, but in the end his feelings for Nanami grow. Where can I find a yokai like Tomoe?


6. Noragami

Hiyori Iki & Yato


Hiyori becomes a half-ayakashi after saving Yato from an oncoming bus. She now has the ability to astral project. When in her half-ayakashi (demon) form she a cat’s tail appears. Her relationship with Yato is purely business in the beginning with her wanting him to get rid of her astral projection problem. Yato doesn’t really know how to do this and deals with other things. He finally learns that he would have to server ties with her completely for her to return to normal and he becomes hesitant after he realizes how important she is to him. Be still my beating heart!


5. Fairy Tail

Gajeel & Levi


When Gajeel & Levi first encounter each other they are enemies. Levi was a mage of Fairy Tail and Gajeel was part of a dark guild. Eventually Gajeel joins fairy tail and his demeanor is cold and hard as he claims he doesn’t want to make any friends. Eventually, he comes around. Levi starts to show feelings for Gajeel on Tenrou island and even during the games worrying over him as she stayed with him until he gained consciousness. Gajeel has also stated before that he would give his life to protect her. Aww, so sweet!


4. Kaicho Wa Maid Sama

Usui Takumi & Misaki Ayuzawa


Usui and Misaki are both students at Seika High school. Misaki is diligent in her studies and holds the number one position while Usui holds two. However, she also works at a maid café. Usui happens to discover her secret and Misaki worries about it. Thus, her love hate for Usui begins. Misaki pushes herself to the point where stress and fatigue overwhelms her and Usui comes to the rescue. Usui keeps an eye on her, always there to lead a supportive hand and Misaki develops feelings for him. Don’t worry the feelings are mutual. The two eventually becomes a couple. Can you say kawaii!


3. Fairy Tail

Natsu Dragneel & Lucy Heartfilia


Natsu a mage of the Fairy Tail guild encounters Lucy on her search of the infamous guild. She eventually signs up to be a part of it and they form a team. Through a series of events, Natsu and Lucy develop a close bond. Natsu cares deeply for her and supports her relentlessly even when she doubts her own abilities. Move over Jay-z and Beyonce there’s a new power couple in town.


2. Inuyasha

Kagome Higurashi & Inuyasha


Kagome a reincarnation of a beautiful and ancient priestess of the past is dragged down a well into the distant past. It is there she encounters the dog demon Inuyasha who was bound to a tree. It is discovered that the shikon jewel had been reborn inside of Kagome. Kagome accidently shatters the jewel with her bow and arrow as she tries to recover it. Thus, her adventures with Inuyasha begin. The two eventually realizes their feelings for each other and become a couple in the end. Young sweet love.


1. Special A

Hikari Hanazono & Kei Takishima


Hikari sees Kei as her rival since she is always second to him. They were introduced to each other when they were six by her father and Hikari was defeated by Kei during a wrestling match. Since then she’s declared him as her rival. Throughout this rivalry Hikari is completely obtuse to Kei’s feelings for her. She soon finds love in their rivalry which flourishes into love for Kei. Can you say aww!


There you have it people, seven cutest couples! What makes your heart go soft on the inside?


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