kura sushi usa spy x family collab

Kura Sushi USA: Authentic Tastes, Anime Gacha, and More

If you enjoy sushi then you've likely heard of kaitenzushi, or conveyor belt sushi. Kura Sushi is one of the most recognized chains, with more than 500 restaurants in Japan. And for...
gundam seed freedom anime movie premiere event

Gundam SEED FREEDOM Rewards Fans After 20-Year Hiatus

As the theater darkened, there was a quick hush over the buzzing crowd. After almost two decades of waiting for the Mobile Suit Gundam SEED FREEDOM movie, the room felt extremely energetic...
love like the falling petals novel cover

Love Like The Falling Petals Novel Review

As we enter peak cherry blossom season, the critically acclaimed romance novel Love Like the Falling Petals by Keisuke Uyama is a necessary read to gain a new understanding of this transient...
dungeon people anime key visual thumbnail 720p

Dungeon People Anime Announced

An anime adaptation of fantasy comedy series Dungeon People has been announced through an official website and Twitter account. The anime premieres in July 2024 and will be produced by Studio OLM.
my wife has no emotion anime key visual thumbnail 720p

My Wife Has No Emotion Anime Announced

Today an anime adaptation of My Wife Has No Emotion was announced for the sci-fi romantic comedy manga series. The anime airs in July 2024 and will be produced by studio Tezuka...
dark gathering anime yayoi

Dark Gathering Anime Review

In Dark Gathering, spirits of both evil and harmless nature roam the world among the living. Some harness the power to sense or attract the supernatural, others can communicate with these ghosts....
keisuke uyama japanese author

Keisuke Uyama: Love Like The Falling Petals Author Interview

We had the privilege of interviewing Keisuke Uyama the author of Love Like the Falling Petals after its English debut. Uyama-san is a renowned Japanese screenwriter and novelist with works such as...
kyoto animation logo

Kyoto Animation Arsonist Sentenced To Death

Shinji Aoba, the man responsible for the tragic Kyoto Animation fire that killed 36 people, has been sentenced to death by the Kyoto District Court. This information comes from a live report...
my poison princess manga cover english yen press

My Poison Princess Is Still Cute Manga Review

Chihiro Sakutake made their debut as a gag manga author in 2017 with a fantasy parody of the Four Heavenly Kings. Later, they made a series on school geniuses, and then a...
classroom for heroes anime thumbnail

Classroom for Heroes Anime Review

After saving the world from the terror of the Demon King, the cheerfully mysterious Blade earns the title of Great Hero. Although he personally rejects this title as he can only use...