Monday, October 21, 2019


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Chika Takami Birthday Event in Love Live! Festival

Today's August the 1st and it's everyone's favorite mikan (Orange in Japanese)'s birthday today. And that mikan being Chika Takami from Love Live! Sunshine!!...
billie eilish

Billie Eilish & Siberia Hills Steal Anime Fanart, Now Facing Controversy

On the 7th of August, popular music artist, Billie Eilish, posted a tweet announcing a brand new merch collaboration with Siberia Hills, a clothing...
shield hero isekai quartet

Shield Hero cast joins Isekai Quartet Season 2

The cast of The Rising of the Shield Hero is joining the new season of Isekai Quartet. The news was announced by the official...
konosuba: legend of crimson

“Konosuba: Legend of Crimson” Coming to US as Crunchyroll Movie Night

Konosuba Film comes to US on November 12th Crunchyroll and Fathom Events announced this week the US premiere of Konosuba: Legend of Crimson will through...
My Hero Academia Season 4

My Hero Academia Season 4 New Trailer Released

My Hero Academia is going strong with the upcoming season 4 airing October 12th and today's release of the new trailer for it. This season...
konosuba encore and co-production announced

Konosuba Encore Movie Night and New Crunchyroll Co-Production Announced

Today at New York Comic Con, Crunchyroll announced an encore event of the Konosuba: Legend of Crimson movie night and a new co-production called...