Embargo Policy

In general, Jotaku Network respect embargoes as long as certain conditions are met.

Whomever you represent should have already established a relationship with us, and we should be contacted beforehand about receiving embargoed materials. Unsolicited embargoes may not be respected.

We must both agree to respect the terms of embargoes before materials are sent. This does not have to be established every single time, but for special cases there might be more conditions from either side.

If we respect an embargo but embargoed materials or information goes public before the designated embargo date, we may report on whatever information has already been made public.

We will only continue to respect embargoes if it seems you’re making a good effort to only send embargoed materials to news outlets who also respect the embargo. If embargoed materials continually become public before the designated date, we may decline embargoed material from you in the future.

If you would like to establish a relationship with us to send embargoed materials, please contact us at contact@jotaku.net.