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cardcaptor sakura netflix

Cardcaptor Sakura Comes to Netflix on June 1st

On May 18th, NX announced that Cardcaptor Sakura is coming to Netflix. The service will start streaming the Clow Card and Sakura...
tower of god episode 8

Tower of God Episode 8 – Betrayal and Power Struggles

This week, the 8th episode of Tower of God, had some amazing action scenes, gave us backstory about Serena and provided more character development. The...
one piece leak

Potential One Piece Leak Reveals Pilot of Netflix Show

Recently, a Google Drive link is circulating that may be the pilot script for the Netflix live-action One Piece. While it's not confirmed yet,...
budget in animation

Anime Budgets and Why You’re Wrong

A common misconception in anime is that consistent or stunning animation is dependent on a project’s budget. You may often hear people blame a...
trigger brand new animal

Trigger Invites You to Celebrate the Completion of Brand New Animal!

This Sunday, Studio Trigger is gearing up to stream a live drawing by Brand New Animal concept artist Genice Chan. Thanks to the Studio Trigger Patreon, we’ll...