Friday, April 19, 2019
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CALIGULA Anime World Premiere Sakura-Con -- Featured

The Caligula Effect Anime Episode 1 Review, World Premiere Notes

Pony Canyon hosted the world premiere of The Caligula Effect event at Sakura-Con on Friday. In addition to an exclusive look at Episode 1 of the series, two special guests, Chiharu Sawashiro (VA: Ritsu Shikishima)...
Japanese Middle School Lightens Its Uniform Policy

This Japanese School Lightened Its Uniform Policy to Better Include LGBTQ Students

Kashiwanoha Junior High, a public middle school in Chiba Prefecture, is now allowing students to mix and match uniforms however they see fit. This is an effort on the school's behalf to be more...
Gamers! Anime Review

Gamers! TV Anime Review

During the 2017 summer season, Gamers! was an anime of interest. It didn't take long before I heard people joke about how it should have been called "Misunderstandings!" instead. If only I knew how...
Japanese Overwork - Getting to know Japanese Culture - Featured

Japanese Overwork And Why It Happens

Getting to know Japanese Culture #4: Japanese Overwork and Why It Happens This week on "Getting to know Japanese Culture," I decided to tackle a more serious issue in Japanese Culture; Japanese overwork and why people...

Hand Shakers: A Head-Shaking Disappointment

I have been ready to watch Hand Shakers for a long time now, being an anime made by the studio GoHands. However, I was not ready to continuously shake my head in disappointment as I quickly...