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ex-arm manga color art

EX-ARM: Comparing the Manga to the Anime

After seeing the anime disaster that was EX-ARM, I decided to sit down and read the manga to see how it stood up in comparison. I enjoyed the story of EX-ARM but...
Japanese Variety Shows

The Weird World of Japanese Variety Shows

What comes to mind when you think about Japanese variety shows? They’re wild, off-the-wall, and hilarious to watch. Many think about their wild, unique nature. And while they come in many forms,...
kancolle anime world war ii

How World War II Influenced Anime

War can be an strong force in reshaping a society and its culture. It's produced incredible changes in our countries today. As a result of World War II, Japan became a technologically...
anime cons

Anime Conventions: Why They’re So Important

Fandom lovers all around the world have always enjoyed gathering together to revel in their interests and connect with likeminded fans. Anime fans are no different. Many anime fans long for cons...
anime cons

List of Upcoming Anime Conventions 2021-2022

It's been difficult not to have the ability to go to anime conventions over the course of the pandemic. Fans everywhere often look forward to escaping into a world of anime, with...