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Spy Classroom, Vol. 1: Lily of the Garden (Light Novel Review)

In an alternate setting vaguely similar to Cold-War-era Europe, seventeen-year-old Lily is in danger of flunking out of an elite spy training program. Suddenly, she's assigned to a specialized team named Lamplight...
bond and book the devotion of the surgery room light novel

Bond and Book: The Devotion of The Surgery Room (Light Novel Review)

Bond and Book: The Devotion of "The Surgery Room" by Mizuki Nomura is an episodic short story collection with a strange premise. Its protagonist, a teenage boy named Musubu, can talk to...
SoulWorker review

SoulWorker (Game Review)

SoulWorker is one of the more interesting entries to online anime games. South Korean studio, Lion Games, brings us the free third-person action MMORPG after five years overseas. With its English release...
oddtaxi anime

ODDTAXI (Anime Review)

Under the guise of "just another furry anime", ODDTAXI didn’t scream for attention but waited calmly in the rafters of the spring 2021 anime season.  First revealed during the...
super cub anime

Super Cub (Anime Review)

The Girl With Nothing At base, Super Cub is the story of Koguma, a girl who has nothing. No parents, no friends, no hobbies, and a wholly empty...