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Helltaker cover .png

Helltaker is a damn good demon girl puzzle game taking over the internet

"When demon girls are involved, no price is high enough." But luckily for us, this hot indie puzzle game by Polish developer vanripper is free! Helltaker has taken the internet by storm...
promised neverland cover .png

“The Promised Neverland” keeps your heart pounding in suspense

There are plenty of anime series that make us want to spend the entire day binge-watching episodes. Sometimes, however, there are lulls where it’s hard to find the right genre or series...
tower of god episode 10

Tower of God Episode 10 – Setups and the Administrator Test

In episode 10 of Tower of God, we learn about really happened during the Tag Exam and and continue onwards. What really happened during the Tower of God Tag...
tower of god 9

Tower of God Episode 9 – Conclusion of the Tag Arc

This week, Tower of God episode 9 was much more suspenseful than usual with quite a few unexpected plot developments. Endorossi's Past Endorossi recounts the story...
tower of god episode 8

Tower of God Episode 8 – Betrayal and Power Struggles

This week, the 8th episode of Tower of God, had some amazing action scenes, gave us backstory about Serena and provided more character development. The episode continues where the previous one left us, in an...