Monday, December 9, 2019
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My Experience at Otakuthon 2019

  Over the weekend I was lucky enough to attend Otakuthon 2019 as a media representative for the Jotaku Network. Otakuthon is the second biggest anime convention in Canada. The event was overall really enjoyable....

Azur Lane Gets Anime Adaptation, New Key Visual Revealed!

The mobile game Azur Lane, which has been a quite popular mobile game with 6 million registered players, has just gotten a brand new anime adaptation recently from TOHO animation! They have produced animes...
Yoshiko Tsushima

Yoshiko Tsushima Birthday Event in Love Live! Festival

Today is July 13th and everyone's fallen angel has a birthday event! That's right! It's Yoshiko Tsushima's birthday today! Why not celebrate it in Love Live! Festival with a brand new special event? Yoshiko Tsushima...
Japanese Government Asks for Opinions

Japanese Government Asks for Opinions On Anime Industry Conditions

As of April 27th, guidelines have been proposed by the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry detailing possible changes to laws and bylaws that protect workers in the anime industry. Due to the...
Japanese Middle School Lightens Its Uniform Policy

This Japanese School Lightened Its Uniform Policy to Better Include LGBTQ Students

Kashiwanoha Junior High, a public middle school in Chiba Prefecture, is now allowing students to mix and match uniforms however they see fit. This is an effort on the school's behalf to be more...