Just How Clueless are Anime Male Protagonists When it Comes to Love

Everyone that has watched anime has certainly caught on to the dumbfounded nature of anime male protagonists. However, you may be asking, “What does that mean, exactly?” Well, for example, a male protagonist gets a confession from a female character that she is in love with him, or she shows him a lot of signs. Then, the male characters either… ignores it or just acts clueless about it until the end.

Still don’t know what I mean? Well, let’s describe this with some major anime characters for some clarity.

Naruto Uzumaki

This was obviously going to be discussed. Ever since Naruto was a kid, Hinata had a huge, blatant crush on him. Naruto wasn’t all that bright, but everyone kind of knew that she really liked him. However, to his defense, Hinata was shy and never really could talk to Naruto without fainting.

Still, when Naruto fought Pain, Hinata risked her life trying to keep him safe. She got destroyed, and Naruto watched and she told him that she loved him. Sure, Naruto may have went into a rampage after she died, but after the whole dilemma, he went right back to flirting with Sakura and totally ignoring Hinata.

A hundred episodes and a movie later, they finally got together. Naruto, you can master the rasengan, defeat Princess Kaguya, and stop Saskue, but you can’t even secure the girl that was rightfully yours. Disappointing, indeed.

Saito Hiraga

I bet you’re wondering why Saito is on here. After all, he’s one of the most romantic male protagonists in anime, and he loved Louise from the very beginning of Zero no Tsukaima. He even married the girl. However, this guy openly flirted with a plethora of female characters while he was with Louise.

The list of his female counterparts are as follows: Tabitha, Henrietta, Siesta, and Tiffa. And yes, he did do some very sexual stuff to all of them. Although Louise punished him and remained as his main chick, he still did very questionable things with the other female characters (See the picture above). Shame on you, Saito. (Just kidding. Good job on the wedding.)

Yuji Sekai

There are so many reasons that Yuji is on this list. Let’s start with the first reason. We all know that Shana was mean to Yuji at the beginning of Shakugan no Shana. However, she lightened up to him and eventually became a close friend of his. To start, when Wilhelmina tried to kill Yuji, Shana stepped in the way and took a life-threatening blow.

I guess Yuji thinks that a lot of friends in the world would do those types of things with no romantic feelings whatsoever, but he definitely still treated her the same after that. He didn’t even say thank you. Also, she told him that she loved him at the end of season one, and he “claimed” that he didn’t hear her.

The last clueless error that Yuji made was when he tried to force Shana to give in to his plans at the end of the series. Sure, in love, you might do things that the other partner does not like, but this guy was just spouting nonsense. He took all of the blame for the war and told Shana that all he wanted to do was live in solitude before he could be with her.

Shana slapped some sense in him and then told him the same things that she said forty times in season three! Good grief, man. If your girl wants to be with, then be with her. Case dismissed, Yuji.


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