Uta Macross Rhythm Game Delay and YouTube Previews

uta macross

Uta Macross Rhythm Game Announcements

The developers behind the upcoming rhythm game, Uta Macross Sumaho De Culture, have made two announcements today. They unveiled the game’s official YouTube channel with character previews. However, they announced the game has been delayed until summer.

uta macross

Delayed Until Summer 2017

The rhythm game based on the science fiction anime Macross Delta has been under development since late last year by DeNA. The initial release was set to be this spring, but today DeNA announced on their website that the game is being delayed. The smartphone game will now release during summer so DeNA can improve the game’s quality.

“In order to be service you can enjoy, we are working to improve functions and further improve quality. We are sorry for everyone who is looking forward to it, but please be patient until the game’s release.”

 YouTube Channel and Character Previews

Along with this announcement, DeNA revealed via Twitter the game’s official YouTube channel. The channel currently features several muted previews of various 3D characters singing and dancing to the rhythm. The characters shown so far have been Sheryl Nome, Freyja Wion, Reina Prowler, Makina Nakajima, and Kaname Buccaneer.

The smartphone game will release onto Android and iOS around summer 2017.

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