World’s Largest Manga Library to Open in Naka, Tokushima

World's Largest Manga Library - Naka, Tokushima

World's Largest Manga LibraryWorld’s Largest Manga Library To Open By the End of 2018

Yasushi Fujita, president of Media Do is collaborating with his hometown of Naka, Tokushima to open the world’s largest manga library. The library will will be on the site of a former grade school, and will contain more than 300,000 books, making it larger than the Kyoto International Manga Museum. The project is planned to be completed at the end of the 2018 fiscal year.

Fujita predicts that the project will cost around 200 to 300 million yen ($1.8 to $2.7 million USD), and that he is personally investing in the project as well. Fujita has previously worked on other revitalization projects in the Naka area. The library will include both classic and current manga for rental. Digital borrowing will also be available through tablets. The grade school originally closed in March. The Kyoto International Manga Museum is also on the site of a former school.

Kyoto International Manga Museum opened in 2006, and allows visitors to pay 800 yen ($7 USD) a day to read the books from its collection.

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