Fate/Grand Order Mobile Game to Launch in English June 25

Fate/Grand Order Mobile Game Feature

Fate/Grand Order Mobile Game Comes to North America

Aniplex of America announced at A-Kon today that the English version of the Fate/Grand Order mobile game will launch on June 25. The game will launch in Canada and the United States for both iOS and Android. Aniplex released a trailer on Tuesday featuring the in-game class “Lancer.”



The app is being developed by Delightworks, and Aniplex is responsible for publishing and promoting the game. A Facebook campaign has been going on for the last month; the more likes the page gets, the more rewards players get at launch. The game will launch with content up through chapter two.

Fate/Grand Order Mobile Game

The game was released in Japan in the summer of 2015, and has been downloaded more than nine million times. During 2016, the app was outperforming even Pokemon GO for a short period of time. Fate/Grand Order’s mobile game also inspired the anime special Fate/Grand Order -First Order-, which aired on December 31.

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