‘Just Because!’ Original Anime Reveals October Release

Just Because! Original Anime Project -- Featured

The official website for upcoming original anime movie Just Because! released an updated trailer that now reveals an October premiere date. The film will air in Japan on Tokro MX, BS Fuji, and AT-X. There is no word yet about any western streaming services picking the show up.



The website describes the story:

It is the winter of their third year of high school, when students has very little time in high school left. Everyone is just waiting for graduation.

Until a transfer student suddenly came.

He was their classmate in middle school, before he moved away. It was a peculiar time to transfer, but it reunited them. It was as if a signal rang out to the students who were just going to end their high school life without excitement.

Atsushi Kobayashi (Girls & Panzer) is directing the anime, with Hajime Kamoshida (The Pet Girl of Sakurasou) as the scriptwriter and Kiseki Himura (Sword Art Online: Progressive manga artist) as the original character designer. Additionally, singer-songwriter Nagi Yanagi (My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU, Bakemonogatari) is credited as a music producer.

Just Because! was originally teased on April Fools Day, before later being revealed to be an actual project.

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