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Chemically Bonded

Fix the rift between two girls hearts as you unwittingly form new bonds to help bring their dreams into fruition in this romance visual novel.


September 6th, 2017 – Chemically Bonded, an interactive visual novel, tells the story of the relationship between two high school girls, and your (the Player’s) attempts to fix their misunderstandings as their lives cross one another and a relationship is formed between the trio. Inspired by traditional Japanese ‘visual novels’, Chemically Bonded is set to be a multi-route, multi-ending experience with interactive elements. The combination of traditional anime inspired graphics and an immersive story will tell the tale of the romantic and dramatic events which transpire in the students lives.

Players will be provided multiple choices, both through traditional visual novel elements and minor ‘gameplay’ aspects such as an interactive mobile phone system and ‘date menu’, as they form new relationships. ‘Kiyoko Ishikawa’, a science loving and eccentric girl, and ‘Naomi Sato’ a sporty girl with an ‘in your face’ attitude are available as romantic interests. Players can expect to uncover new truths about these girls, and their relationship as the story progresses throughout the visual novel.

Will you choose to help restart the Science club or choose to increase your athletic capabilities? Grow closer to she who holds the key to your heart in this heartfelt visual novel.

Upon the completion of development and release, Chemically Bonded will be available via Steam for Windows, Mac and Linux. Currently, Chemically Bonded is live on our Kickstarter.

The trailer for the campaign can also be viewed on our YouTube page.



  • Multiple routes and endings
  • Interactive phone system for choices and dates.
  • 5+ outfits and 2 poses for both girls.
  • High quality artwork.
  • Voice Acting (full-voice subject to Kickstarter stretch goal).


About ‘ds-sans’:

‘ds-sans’ is a English visual novel developer with global collaborators based in the United Kingdom. Our main goal is to produce high quality experiences through the use of crafted storytelling and high quality artwork. Having released two titles previously, with one currently on Valve’s ‘Steam’ platform, ‘Chemically Bonded’ is our first commercial title.

‘ds-sans’ is commited to working with visual novel producing and publishing group ‘DEVGRU-P’ on the publishing and non-developmental aspects of ‘Chemically Bonded’.



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