Director of Netflix’s Death Note Live-Action Adam Wingard Deletes Twitter Due to Death Threats

Adam Wingard Death Note Live-Action

It has now been nearly three weeks since Netflix released it’s Death Note Live-Action film, an adaptation of the iconic original series. While most people in the community have seen or heard of the movie, The director usually isn’t someone fans pay much attention to. Between complaints of whitewashing while casting and the overall negative consensus from fans of the original, director Adam Wingard has also come under fire. Some fans have decided to blame, criticize, and turn their frustrations on him, mainly through his previously available Twitter account.

In between the criticism, Adam had also made multiple tweets on the subject, including one saying “Sorry trolls but the artist always wins in the long run.” He later responded to that twice by saying “I love how many people feel personally attacked by this tweet. Its almost like troll bait. Those that bit expose themselves.” and “Film criticism is different than b*tching at filmmakers on twitter.” Soon after, his Twitter account had been deleted.

While a movie can never make all it’s viewers happy, many took it too far by taking their frustration out on the people who made it. Some Twitter users have responded to the whole situation in favor of Adam Wingard, by saying that the harassment was inappropriate.

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