Netflix and TV Tokyo to Make Mob Psycho 100 Live-Action Series, Stage Play and Anime Project Also Announced (Updated)

Apparently a Mob Psycho 100 season two is not in the works, because Netflix and TV Tokyo just announced that the series will be receiving a live-action adaptation in the near future. Earlier today, the network confirmed that this project was green-lit, and is currently slated for a January 2018 release.

Tatsuomi Hamada will be featured as the main character. This adaptation is being produced in a collaboration between Netflix and TV Tokyo. The bottom line here is this: Netflix basically agreed to and will be funding TV Tokyo’s live adaptation of the series. Note that this is an actual series, and not a live-action film. Japanese viewers will be able to catch it on TV Tokyo on Thursday’s.

More details will of course come later this year, but  Koichi Sakamoto is signed on to direct the series while Fuminori Kobayashi acts as its producer. This is apparently the announcement that was teased previously by Bones Studio, the animators of the original TV anime.


Mob Psycho 100


The Mob Psycho 100 comic launched back in early 2012 by ONE (One Punch Man’s creator) and recieved an anime adaptation in July 2016. The story follows Seigeo Kageyama, an eighth grader with Esper ability. The psychic tries his best to not stand out, but his powers often rope him into increasingly dangerous situations. Kageyama’s powers grow more powerful as the years pass, so he buckles down his emotions to keep a lid on his powers. However, as more threats continue to pursue Kageyama, the boy learns how difficult it is to keep his emotions under lock – but the fate of the world depends on him keeping a straight face. (Source:


In addition to the announcement of Netflix and TV Tokyo’s live-action drama series, Mob Psycho 100, the series will also be getting a stage play and an anime project. An early look at volume 15 of the manga revealed the new announcements. The stage play will run at Galaxy Theater’s Tokyo in Japan, while the anime project focusing on Arataka Reigen will be presented at the Maihama Ampitheater in Chiba in March.