BREAKING: Crunchyroll’s Website Has Been Hacked, Attempts to Auto-Download Malware (Updated)

Crunchyroll's Website Hacked

As of 11/4/17 9:31 AM PST, Crunchyroll has officially confirmed that everything is okay and their site is back to normal.

*Updates to the situation are at the bottom of the page.
11/4/17 5:21 AM PST – Somewhere around 3:00 am PST, Crunchyroll’s website began having server issues for many users. Then around 3:30 am PST we began seeing Twitter users saying that the website’s homepage attempts to auto-download a “Crunchyroll Viewer” program upon visiting.

The latest update to this is a Tweet from the @Crunchyroll_de Twitter account, stating something along the lines of not having control of their webpage, and to not access their website due to malware issues.

Additionally, apps have been stated to still be safe, although some functionality may not work properly due to server issues.

We have seen many users confirm that this program is indeed a trojan virus, so we ask that you please avoid the Crunchyroll website at all costs until there is an update to this story. Crunchyroll’s US team and main branch currently has not yet responded or publicly stated that they are aware of this issue.

UPDATE 11/4/17 5:46 AM PST – While the phrasing used is bad, Crunchyroll DE stated that it appears to be a DNS hijack (which is a form of hack), and that no site data has/is being stolen.

UPDATE 11/4/17 6:15 AM PST – According to Nate Ming, the Customer Support lead at Crunchyroll, as of 5:54 AM PST, there are people working to fix the website issue. There is still no public announcement from the company itself.

UPDATE 11/4/17 7:09 & 7:22 AM PST – The official English Twitter account for Crunchyroll has tweeted a statement saying that they are aware of the issues and are currently working on them. They urge viewers to NOT visit their site at the current time.

UPDATE 11/4/17 7:32 AM PST – Crunchyroll has confirmed their mobile and other applications are not affected, but that they are down at this moment.

UPDATE 11/4/17 9:31 AM PST – Crunchyroll has officially confirmed that everything is okay and their site is back to normal.