Shirobako Anime Announces Brand-New Film Project

Shirobako Anime Announces Brand-New Film Project

During the “Musashi-Sakai x Shirobako Harumatsuri” special event in Tokyo on Saturday, producer Takayuki Nagatani and the mayor of Musashino announced that the Shirobako anime will be receiving a film project. The movie will be a brand-new story in the Shirobako universe, and will continue to follow Miyamori’s career to becoming a producer. That being said, they wanted to stress that production has only recently begun, so it will still take some time.

Additionally, a new Miyamori Aoi visual was released to commemorate this occasion:

Miyamori Aoi New Visual

Crunchyroll describes the story:

In a school in northeastern Japan, five friends in the animation club, Aoi, Ema, Shizuka, Misa, and Midori swear to complete a new anime called “Shinbutsu Konkou SHICHIFUKUJIN” with some donuts. Since then, day after day, the five spend all of their time on anime production. The awe of going from rough sketches to animation, and the awkward acting in the after recording session… The final product was finished at the cultural fair six months later. After they graduated they still pursued animation and swore on some donuts that they would make another anime together.

The Shirobako anime series premiered October 2014, and is an original project headed by P.A. Works. At the time, it was the second installment in the studios “Girls Working” series. The most recent of which, titled Sakura Quest, premiered last April.