Godzilla Junior Comes Out as Trans in TOHO Short for Pride Month


Pride Month 2020, celebrating LGBTQ+ members throughout June, ended with a final send off from Godzilla. On Tuesday, June 30th, Toho shared a stop-motion animated short featuring the kaiju and his child, Godzilla Junior. Titled Coming Out, the short was posted to Toho Godzilla’s official Twitter.


Godzilla Short “Coming Out” by Cressa Maeve Beer

The short, “Coming Out”, was created by stop motion artist and video producer Cressa Maeve Beer. The short starts with the King of Monsters is in the middle of a battle before noticing Junior sitting behind him, upset. Later, Godzilla and Junior have a conversation over tea where the little kaiju expresses thoughts on their gender identity. While the kaijus have tea together, Junior explains that despite being born male they identify as a girl.

Cressa Maeve Beer previously created shorts starring Godzilla for Alamo Drafthouse theaters, the Toronto After Dark Film Festival, and more. Beer also shared the video on Twitter, saying “I made a short film about coming out. Happy Pride. Protect Trans kids.”

Did you enjoy the heart-warming short and seeing the King of Monsters in a different light as much as we did? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter!