The Ways of the Monster Nation: the Slime Isekai traveler’s guide manga

reincarnated as a slime spin-off
The Ways of the Monster Nation manga cover

When it comes to world-building, That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime is one of the best in the isekai genre. The popular series showed how a kind slime unified the monsters of the land into its own nation. After forming the country of Tempest, the kingdom has become a paradise for travelers.

That’s where Framea comes in. Shes the rabbitfolk’s chief daughter with an adventurous nature and a knack for aesthetic and analytical observation. Thanks to her skills, our slime lord Rimuru recruits her to create a traveler’s guide for their land.

The Ways of the Monster Nation takes a relaxing breath away from its source’s world-building to give a glimpse of the attractions of Tempest. Slowly providing us with a taste of life in the diverse fantasy melting pot while referencing the main characters of its parent story. With her new job to promote tourism, she visits the neighboring restaurants, clothing stores, blacksmiths, and labyrinths.

However, if there’s one thing left desired here it’s a sense of her subjective conclusions. As it stands so far, Framea gives nearly everything three out of three stars. The only exception so far is when she gets her hat, specially designed so her ears fit through the top. That gets an ecstatic five stars, of course.

The Ways of the Monster Nation is a laid-back view of Tempest, but this first volume is more an introduction to Framea herself and less of the surrounding land. As well as a reintroduction to the original cast. Yet the joyful expressions of our tour guide presented through Sho Okagiri’s art make this a playful experience.

Title: That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime: The Ways of the Monster Nation, Volume 1
Type: Manga
Publisher: Yen Press
Original story: FUSE
Art by: Sho Okagiri
Character Design by: Mitz Vah

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