Cells at Work! Manga Volume Brings Series Out of Hiatus

Cells at Work

In an update from Kodansha Comics, it was announced that the sixth volume of Akane Shimizu’s series Cells at Work! will release in Japan on February 9, 2021. The last volume of Cells at Work! shipped back in August 2017. This means fans will have gone through a 3-and-a-half-year hiatus between manga volumes.

It’s a relatively long time for fans to wait compared to the lifespan of Shimizu’s manga, as Cells at Work! has only been out for five years. The manga originally ran back in March 2015 in Kodansha’s Monthly Shonen Sirius magazine. Fans have even had to wait long stretches of time between magazine releases, with Shimizu having published the first new chapter of the manga on October the 26th this year, after a two-year wait period. Kodansha Comics is publishing the manga in English and distributing it in overseas territories. Kodansha had shipped the manga’s fifth and last release in relatively quick succession with the volume hitting shelves in November 2017.

However, fans have had a wider selection of choice for spin-off content. The original manga has produced Shigemitsu Harada and Issei Hatsuyoshiya‘s Cells at Work! Code Black and Cells at Work: Baby! The former has just gotten the green light to be adapted into a tv anime that will premiere in January 2021. Cells at Work!! (that is with two exclamation points to differentiate), which is the sequel to the original Cells at Work! manga, will also make its television debut at around the same time in January 2021. The first of the anime adaptations (of the original manga run) was a hit among fans and critics back when it premiered in July 2018 and had a 12-episode run.