Gloomy Bear Anime Coming 2021

Gloomy Bear

Chack Mori’s internationally famed character Gloomy Bear, star of various toys and apparel, will make his animated debut in a new TV anime set to air across Japan in April 2021. Revealed on Monday by the show’s staff, new promotional teasers in two languages (English and Japanese) have been uploaded to YouTube. The anime, called Gloomy the Naughty Grizzly (Itazura Guma no Gloomy) features dialogue, voice actors, and visuals.

The anime is to coincide with the 20th anniversary of Chack Mori’s character. This is not the first animated debut of Gloomy, with Mori previously releasing an animated short for the character back in 2014.

The cast so far announced is an all-star one to say the least. Legendary veteran voice actor Koichi Yamadera, who is best known for Spike Spiegel in Cowboy Bebop, will play the leading role of GLOOMY. He will be supported by Natsuki Hanae, best know for Tanjiro Kamado in Demo Slayer, who will play Pity, the owner of Gloomy. Takehiro Kubota, best known for being assistant director for ID: INVADED, will direct the first season of the anime.

Gloomy Bear was originally created by Mori Chack, who is based in Osaka, making his debut in 2000. The main appeal for fans comes from Gloomy and Pity’s contrasting relationship, full of adorableness, violence, warmth, and depth. Gloomy is a very popular figure of merchandise, sporting high-profile fashion collaborations in Japan and beyond. This bear is very well recognized all across the world to this day. 

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