The Devil is a Part-Timer! Gets a Second Season

The Devil is a Part-Timer

At the end of last week, it was announced that the comedy-fantasy anime The Devil is a Part-Timer! will get a second season. Along with the bomb-shell revelation from the series’ official Twitter account came a new key visual and additional info. It’s been eight years since the first season released, so fans are pretty excited. The new season comes at the original novel series’ ten-year anniversary. The original light novels were created by writer Satoshi Wagahara and artist 029.

Although there isn’t any word on the crew yet, it has been confirmed that the original cast will be returning. However, there are sure to be some changes to the menu (pun intended), as the art style is visibly different than that of the preceding season. In the trailer, we see a much more slice-of-life-type art style than the first season, with the new changes also making the anime look more current.

The original season of The Devil is a Part-Timer! was directed by Naoto Hosoda and aired from April 2013-June 2013 and introduced the setting of the story, which follows a somewhat surprising main character: the devil. When the devil himself is whisked away into modern-day Tokyo, just moments before conquering the world, he is forced into an unlikely scenario. He must now work part-time at a McRonald’s fast food restaurant. The hero that had been battling him from another world now keeps an eye on him from a close distance, while also managing her own work as a telemarketer.

WHITE FOX produced the first season, but there is no word on who is producing this one. It will be interesting to see who it is and what the differences will be between the two seasons. There has been no release date set, as of yet.

You can view the new The Devil is a Part-Timer! trailer here.

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