Dragon Ball Super Gets a New Movie 2022

Dragon Ball Super

On May 8th, TOEI Animation announced that a new Dragon Ball Super movie is in the works. This comes after the immense success of the first Dragon Ball Super movie, Dragon Ball Super: Broly, which came out back in 2018.

There are no details on what the movie will be titled or what it will be about, but we do know that it will feature an “unexpected character” and that the “story and dialogue production” will be heavily led by the series’ creator, Akira Toriyama. We also know that the movie is to be released next year, in the year 2022.

The new movie will likely be a continuation of the Dragon Ball Super TV anime series, which ended the same year the last movie was released.

Toriyama gave the following note to fans on the franchise’s official website:

The Dragon Ball franchise is one of the most popular anime/manga franchises of all time. There are 42 manga volumes, 153 episodes, and 23 films to date. It has been popular worldwide for decades, and fans are just as loyal today as they were at the start. There have also been multiple video games adapted from the series, which have continued to be released since the late 80s, the latest being Dragon Ball: Kakarot, which came out at the beginning of 2020.

After the announcement on the site, there is a note that more news will be released on the site in the future. So, we are sure to get more info soon.

As of now, we don’t know whether or not a dubbed version will be released with the original series’ English-speaking cast. However, it is very likely that the original cast will return for the dub, as they did for the TV anime series and the Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie.

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