Sentai Filmworks to Release New Girls und Panzer Film on DVD

Girls und Panzer

On Thursday, an announcement came from the home video production company Sentai Filmworks that the company has recently licensed the DVD distribution rights for the first film in the Girls und Panzer Finale film series. The company stated that it will release the film on home video as well as select digital outlets in the third quarter of the year this year. The film will be sold in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, the Netherlands, Scandinavian countries, and Nordic countries.

Sentai Filmworks describes the film as follows:

Momo needs to get her priorities straight! Too much tankery and not studying for her entrance exams lands Momo in the hot seat. Luckily her friends won’t let her flunk out without a flight, and they’ve hatched a foxy plan to put her back on top… literally. Miho’s stepping down to let Momo take up the mantle of commander, because if she can lead the team to victory in the Continuous Cup, Momo will earn a second chance to retake her exams. The stakes have never been higher for the team as they fight for tank supremacy both on and off the combat field!

The first movie in the Girls und Panzer das Finale film series opened in Japan in 59 theaters across the country in December 2017. All the films of the finale anime series include 4DX and MX4D screenings in select theatres. Each of these screenings combine two of the films together in a 4D screening. The first 4DX screening combines the first and second episodes. The next set of immersive screenings will combine the third and fourth episodes when those episodes release, and the last set will combine the fifth and sixth episodes after their eventual release.

The Girls und Panzer der Film anime film series is a follow up to the original Girls und Panzer television anime. The anime has had a very successful run since its release in November 2015, both in Japan and abroad. 

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