New Details for Studio Ghibli Theme Park Revealed

Studio Ghibli Theme Park

Anime fans all over the world have been excited for the soon-to-be-unveiled Studio Ghibli theme park. Now, new details have been revealed. Perhaps the biggest piece of news is the opening date of the theme park, which was announced to be on November first of this year, 2022. We also learned details about what the new theme park will entail and what parkgoers can expect.

Here’s what we know so far:

*The park will consist of five separate areas. Three of these areas will be available to enjoy on the theme park’s opening day. The other two will open in 2023 (the exact date hasn’t been announced as of this article’s publication). 

*It is 200 hectares in size (almost the size of Walt Disney’s Animal Kingdom, the largest of its parks). This makes sense, with the purpose of the theme park largely revolving around immersing one’s self into these films, many of which are nature-inspired. There will also be many trails to enjoy as well. 

*It will feature fantastical landscapes that bring the parkgoer into the world of a Ghibli film. This is the main purpose and attraction of the Studio Ghibli theme park. If you are looking for rides on Totoro’s back or a lift from Howl’s infamous moving castle, you’ll be a little disappointed. Because this theme park isn’t about thrill chasing and fast rides. It’s about the experience and the ambiance. 

The layout of the theme park will be as follows:


Studio Ghibli theme park
Photo courtesy of Polygon

The above map shows the five areas that will be in the park. These areas are as follows: Mononoke’s Village Area, the Dondoko Forest Area, the Witches’ Valley Area, the Springtime of Youth Hill, and the Ghibli Large Warehouse Area. 

What’s in Each Area?

Each sub-park/area in the Studio Ghibli theme park will follow the worlds of popular Ghibli films. The features of each are as follows:

Mononoke’s Village Area

As you can probably surmise from the name, Mononoke’s Village Area will feature elements from the classic film Princess Mononoke. This area will have a replica of Iron Town and pay tribute to the time era the film was based around (the Muromachi era). One of the most exciting aspects of this area will be the sculptures and replicas of the film’s creatures and spirits. It will be fun to step into the film and experience it like you’re hopping into an anime. This area will open in 2023.

The Dondoko Forest Area

This area brings the parkgoer into the world of Studio Ghibli’s My Neighbor Totoro. Here, parkgoers can walk on paths and guided tours while also viewing a replica of Satsuki and Mei’s house. This has been reported to be the largest of all the areas.

The Witches’ Valley Area

This area is focused on the magical worlds of Kiki’s Delivery Service and Howl’s Moving Castle. There will even be replicas of Howl’s castle and Kiki’s childhood home (the one she leaves at the beginning of the film). This area of the park won’t open until 2023.

Springtime of Youth Hill

The Springtime of Youth Hill area is another part of the park dedicated to Howl’s Moving Castle. In this sub-park, people will be able to ride a steampunk elevator (to a view of the entire park from the sky) and enjoy a 19th-century aesthetic. Parts of this area will also feature inspiration from the coming-of-age film Whisper of the Heart

The Ghibli Large Warehouse Area

Lastly, the Ghibli Large Warehouse Area will consist of indoor shopping and dining areas, exhibits, and play areas for kids. This part of the park will be available all year round, rain or shine. And one of the best parts is that you can dine in an area modeled after the amazing fantasy film Spirited Away

You can view a teaser of the park below or view it on the park’s official website here. You can also view new concept art on the official website as well. 

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