Notice Me Senpai: Seven Stories of Unrequited Love

The theme of one-sided love is rampant in bitter sweet romances as we root for the protagonist to find their true love and have their feelings realized. Unrequited love often leaves us yearning for more as we learn to appreciate that everything isn’t set in stone. Join us as we countdown the seven stories of unrequited love!


7. Jiraya: Naruto

Jiraya, one of the great Sannin and master to Naruto held great interest in Tsunade since their first encounter as children. Unfortunately for him, Tsunade would reject him and go on to love another. Don’t worry, not all is lost. Tsunade’s rejections would inspire him to write novels.


6. Koga: Inuyasha

Koga is the wolf leader of the Yoro clan. His first encounter with Kagome- a reincarnation of a legendary and powerful priestess is to kidnap her; due to her ability to see sacred jewel shards. He desires to use her powers to retrieve a shard that was stolen from him. It is during this mission, Koga falls in love with Kagome. It is completely one-sided for Kagome loves Inuyasha the son of a great dog demon lord.


5. Miyuki Shiba: The Irregular at Magic High School

In this anime, Miyuki holds forbidden feelings of romance for her brother. Although, she possesses these feelings her brother is incapable of having such feelings, only remaining as the doting older brother and her protector.


4. Ayumi Yamada: Honey and Clover

Ayumi, a master of pottery is popular and not short of young suitors; however, she falls in love with Takumi who does not return her feelings and only considers her a close friend.


3. Tsubaki Sawabe: Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso

Tsubaki, a rebellious athletic girl has been friends with Kousei Arima—a young piano prodigy since they were born. They’ve been inseparable since and she soon she develops feelings for Kousei that she tries to deny. These feelings intensify as Kousei falls for Kaori Miyazono—a young violinist who he was led to believe in love with his best-friend.


 2. Sakuno Ryuzaki: Prince of Tennis

Sakuno met Ryoma Echizen—a young tennis prodigy by chance at a train station. Sakuno develops a crush on Ryoma, but it’s completely one sided as Ryoma is a bit of an air head and not aware of Sakuno’s feelings.


1. Mayumi Kurase: Shokugekei no Soma

Mayumi has been friends with Soma—a young culinary artist in training since kindergarten. Mayumi feelings for Soma flourishes and she develops a crush. Soma who’s surrounded by girls with unparalleled beauty, causes Mayumi to feel inadequate. However, she is always willing to go the distance for Soma and assist him to the best of her ability, going so far as to become a victim of Soma’s failed dishes.

Unrequited love is a human quality that anyone can relate to. Its compelling, alluring and yet compassionate, and heartbreaking. It allows us to be empathic, to understand that love is imperfect, and it can be grueling and ugly. It does call for a big bowl of ice-cream or popcorn when watching such tragedy. Which anime characters do you find to be heartbreaking?


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