Bad News and Good News: “KonoSuba” Not in the Works…Yet


KonoSuba has been riding the waves as one of the most popular anime titles of 2017. Now, after the conclusion of the second season, fans are on edge as to what happens next. The confirmed answer to this is that KonoSuba won’t be reintroduced for a third season, well at least not now.

Just last weekend, KonoSuba’s main voice actors, Jun Fukushima (Kazuma), Sora Amamiya (Aqua), Rie Takahashi (Megumin), Ai Kayano (Darkness), Tetsu Inada (Ruffian), met at Tokyo’s Differ Ariake along with singer, Machico, to celebrate the show’s success.

At the event, no upcoming projects were announced, leaving the possibility of season three in doubt. However, the second season only covered volume 4 of the manga, and the manga has already exceeded 10 volumes.

Still, it was unlikely from the start that another season would have been announced when the previous season just concluded a month ago. Also, KonoSuba has been doing extremely well in overall sales, so a third season would have come later anyway.

In addition, light novel artist, Kurone Mishima did draw some amazing art:


And, this one, too:



All in all, fans shouldn’t be dismayed over KonoSuba season 3. As evidenced by the event at Tokyo’s Differ Ariake, KonoSuba is being celebrated for its success and popularity. Both of those are ingredients for another season, just maybe in the near future. Hang tight!

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