Flesh Crawlers: Seven Anti-Heroes to Give You Chills

Anti-heroes often walk a thin line between the world of darkness and light. They are characters who appeal to our darker and harder sides. Heroes who are willing to get their hands dirty to serve justice. Join us as we count down seven infamous anti-heroes!


7. Light Yagami: Death Note

Light, a student ace is living a monotonous life until one day he finds the death note. A notebook from the realm of the gods with the power to kill anyone the way he desires. It is with this ideology that he sets out to create the perfect world without criminals.


6. Ciel Phantomhive: Kuroshitsuji

Ciel the young Earl of Phantomhive forms a contract with Sebastien Michaelis—a soul devouring demon whom masquerades as a butler; with such a powerful weapon at hand, Ciel is not to be taken lightly. Best to remain cautious of this one and his butler.


5. Killua Zoldyck: Hunter x Hunter

Killua a young boy who appears to be mischievous and cheeky has another side to him that can be ruthless, bloodthirsty and deadly. He is part of the infamous clan of assassins- Zoldycks and was trained as an assassin by his older brother Illumni. Be careful not to end up on this kid’s bad side.


4. Kaneki Ken: Tokyo Ghoul

Kaneki was an ordinary college student until a harrowing encounter transformed him into a one-eyed ghoul; with his new-found abilities, he forms a group to protect those around him. Beware his enemies, wouldn’t want to end up as his lunch—literally.


3. Reji Asuma: Phantom Requiem

Reji a poor soul who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, witnesses an Inferno assassin in action. He tries to evade his adversaries before being kidnapped and trained to be one. Thus  a whole new set of problems ensue. Be sure to stay out of the range of this guy’s killing intent.


2. Abel Knightroad: Trinity Blood

Abel is a priest that appears to be clumsy and unfit for his job, but as part of a special group controlled by Cardinal Catherine he possesses a second form–Krusnik. He is the ultimate predator—a devourer of vampires.


1. Alucard: Hellsing

A vampire affiliated with the Hellsing organization. He is extremely powerful and ferocious when fighting. He can be cruel preferring long drawn out fights before delivering the final blow. If you unfortunately come across this guy just run. Run!


The means to serve justice can be misconstrued in many ways, even enemies often have their reasons for their villainous behaviors which leads to wars. What do you perceive as justice? Are we born innately good? Which are you? Hero or anti-hero? Or do you walk an even darker path?


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