Sekai Project Announces New Projects

Sekai Project announced two new projects at their industry panel during Sakura-Con on Friday. The two projects they announced are dubbed Will and Cyber Rebeat.

The first one, Will, is only being worked on by them in collaboration with the developers. Sekai Project will not actually be publishing it.

Will is based around a main protagonist; this is the character that you play as in the game. The protagonist also has the role of God, and you have the power to choose the fates of other characters. By doing this, you will effect the entire game, not just the fate of the character you chose. The game will be released on Steam, but not by Sekai Project.

Next up we have Cyber Rebeat – The Fifth World of Warfare. This takes place in the world of hackers, with you again playing the protagonist, named Hiro. Your character spends most of his time in net cafes, as a freelance hacker. Eventually, you begin to investigate cases all related to one legendary hacker named Warlock. As you continue through the story, you run into many more hackers. This game will be published by Sekai Project and released on Steam Wordwide this year.



In addition to these two announcements, they also hinted that the next ALICE IN DISSONANCE title would likely be coming this year. ALICE IN DISSONANCE is the developer of the Fault Series, an episodic series of visual novels.

What are your thoughts on these games? Will you be playing them once they release? Let us know!