How Did Baka and Test End? Splendidly and Magically!

After the first two seasons of Baka and Test, the producers decided that the anime would not continue, much to the dismay of anime fans who hoped to see the ending of Akihisa Yoshii’s bold and hilarious misadventures. However, it has now been a year since the cessation of Baka and Test’s light novel. Still, fans have long forgotten the once popular anime and what happened to its characters, most notably Akihisa, Minami, and Himeji.



For all of the anime fans who lost touch with Baka and Test, allow me to announce that Baka and Test volume 12 was pretty much the summation of the whole light novel series and the series as a whole. While the ending was still pretty vague, it gave a clear indication as to how things will eventually become.

Akihisa Yoshii vs Masaharu Takashiro!



In the final final light novel volume of Baka and Test, Akihisa is finally pitted up against his rival, Masaharu Takashiro. In case you all don’t know who he is, Takashiro is the class representative of Class C. He is as dimwitted as Yoshii, but his intelligence makes him one of the smartest students in Year 2. He can even read Yuuji’s thoughts, which surprises Yuuji himself. Also, Takashiro is in love with Himeji.

Of course, Akihisa abhors this and in the final volume, both Takashiro and Akihisa battle it out in a Summoner Test War. During the fight, Akihisa is getting hammered on by Takashiro’s summoning beast. He then starts to question Himeji’s love for Akihisa. Akihisa gets angry and reassures him that her love for him is real. He then starts to muster up the strength to challenge him, and without any sort of gimmick or trick, he defeats Takashiro and declares that the war is over.

Surprisingly, Yoshii defeats one of most powerful Year 2 students with his own might. This sets the stage for another big event, which I will get to in a bit.

Yuuji and Shouko?



During the Baka and Test series, we have all seen the weird relationship between Shouko and Yuuji. Shouko is this obsessive girl who will do anything to please Yuuji, and Yuuji doesn’t seem to reciprocate her feelings.

However, during the Summoner Test War with the Year 3, Shouko overhears Koyama. the Year 2 Class C Rep, confess her love to Yuuji. She then sacrifices herself to go to the front lines of battle, at which Kinoshita deters her from doing.

Upon saying this, Kirishima-san continues to stubbornly head towards the frontline, and is immediately scolded by Kinoshita-san.

“Prez! That’s enough—”

Kinoshita-san lets out a voice that clearly shows that she’s at her limit.

“…Because, if I don’t do that…!”

But, as compared to Kinoshita-san’s voice,

“…If I don’t do that, Yuuji won’t say that he loves me…!”

Kirishima-san’s feeble voice feels more shocking for some reason.


I can’t help but look at her expression.

“…He said he’ll give Koyama the answer, after the summoning war…the moment his promise with me is no longer in effect…”

Kirishima-san lowers her head as she says this. Large bead-like tears can be seen in her eyes.

Upon hearing the name Yuuji and Koyama-san, I remember Koyama-san’s posture when she approached Yuuji, saying ‘I like smart guys’.

In my mind, I try to think of why Kirishima-san’s crying.

Yuuji made a certain response to Koyama-san who approached him, and that would be after the summoning war ends, once his promise to go out with Kirishima-san’s over, In other words, Yuuji’s completely free.

Once he gets his freedom, he’ll respond to the confession. Upon hearing this, there’s one conclusion that can be simply made.

“…I already knew that Yuuji didn’t choose me, but Koyama…”

And so, Kirishima-san must be having this thought, ‘Yuuji’s taking part in this summoning war to break up with me and go out with Koyama’.

“…In this case, I must at least…just once, get him to say that he loves me…!”

Kirishima-san continues to let her tears flow out and drip to the floor.

In my mind, the reason as to why Kirishima-san’s acting so impulsively finally appears in my mind.

Kirishima-san thought that Yuuji will abandon her—so she wants to hear him tell her that he loves her once, even until the end; she’s working hard for this aim.



Minami and Himeji-san, who’re nearby, must have gotten a rough idea of why this is happening, and turn to talk to Yuuji.

This is a case of personal feelings; there’s no way to force someone into saying that he or she loves someone. Besides, only the person knows whether the love truly exists. Even if it’s said out with false feelings, it’ll just cause damage on both sides.

But even with that little amount of feelings, she naturally hoped to hear him personally say this. Even if this wish can’t be fulfilled, she hopes to get a reply.

-Baka and Test Light Novel (Volume 11: The Ninth Question)



Of course, this made me a bit anxious to see what would happen next between Yuuji and Shouko. Surprisingly enough, this happened:


I too call out to Yuuji.

“…Ah, yeah.”

Yuuji nods slightly in response.

Then, he slowly walks to Kirishima-san, and says with a calm voice,



“I have a plan. Please give me the authority.”


Upon hearing these words that cause us to doubt our ears, everyone present widen their eyes.

“Hold it right there, Sakamoto! Stop acting so snobbish here!”

“Yeah! Don’t you find Prez very pitiful here!?”

“Sakamoto-kun! This is too much! I really can’t believe you’ll do this!”

“Even I can’t accept that just now!”

The girls let out strong objections at Yuuji. This is to be expected; he’s really the lowest of all humans for saying such a thing after what happened just now.

“I’m mistaken about you, Sakamoto! If you hate her to this extent, you should have said so right from the beginning! You’re still being so indecisive even at this moment!”

“Prez! You should just forget about this worst of the worst scumbag! There’re many good men on this world!”

“Sakamoto-kun! Hurry up, change your words and apologize!”

“Sakamoto-kun, you’re really the worst!”

The girls continue to tell him off harshly.

In response to these blaming calls, Yuuji merely uses his unique clear voice and growls back at them firmly.

“Seriously, you guys are too annoying!”

He seems to be venting out the frustrations he had for a long time.

And then, Yuuji continues to say as if he’s protecting something most important to him.
“I waited for 6 full years already! Can’t I just finish this confession according to my plan!!?”


Upon hearing these words from Yuuji, everyone present widen their eyes again.

Waited for 6 years…? Finish according to my plan…?

I repeat Yuuji’s words in my mind and digest it carefully.

After thinking about it for a while, I finally understand the entire situation.

Ah, I see. So that’s how it is.

-Baka and Test Light Novel (Volume 11: The Ninth Question)

Basically, with everyone watching, Yuuji confessed his love to Shouko. It may have been obscure, but he did it only in the way he could. If that isn’t convincing enough, read this:

“…I’m sorry, Yuuji.”

“What’s the matter, Shouko? Why are you apologizing?”

“…Because I never trusted you, Yuuji.”

“Don’t worry too much over that small thing.”


“Don’t apologize, okay? I’m wrong for remaining silent up till now.”


“Right, then forget everything about it.”

“…Yes, I’ll forget everything, so—”


“…So, how did you intend to confess your feelings to me in the first place, Yuuji? Tell me about it some day.”


“…It’s alright. I’ll always believe and wait for you.”

“No no no! Even if you wait—s”

“…Didn’t you say you’ll tell me after winning this summoning war?”


“So, since I love you most, Yuuji, you have to come back with a win, okay?”

“……Isn’t that line from you too despicable, Shouko?”


“You want me to speak up with such little coercion?”


“I’m really being looked down upon.”


“………I’ll tell you again when I feel like it next time.”

“…I’ll always be waiting for you.”

-Baka and Test Light Novel (Volume 12: Tenth Question)



Well, that ends that. Yuuji actually confessed his love to Shouko, so happy ending, right? We still haven’t got to one of the biggest love triangles of all. Put on your seat belts!

Akihisa and Minami/Himeji?



Since the beginning of the Baka and Test series, we all have automatically inferred that Minami and Himeji both have huge crushes on Akihisa. Still, Akihisa was mostly oblivious to both of them, thus making it hard for us to tell which one he would choose.

We finally got out answer in the light novel’s finale! In volume 12 of the Baka and Test light novel, Akihisa and Minami had a moment. It went sort of like this:

Minami said to me ‘it’s meaningless since I confessed already’ when I apologized to her because of the diary, but now she’s saying it’s a lie.

“Minami, why did you say that—”

“It’s going to be the same thing either way. I’m going to confess to you now.”


Before I could understand what she was trying to say, Minami places a kiss on my lips, so gently that it never felt like it ended on my lips. She then retreated, and smiled.
“I like you, Aki, ever since the time when we were in our First Years.”


Her smile’s so beautiful, and I can’t help but be amazed by it.

“Aki, you just said that Mizuki’s confession wasn’t real, right?”

I remain speechless, and Minami doesn’t mind as she continues,

“Do you think my confession to you is a lie too? Do you think I’m pitying you just because you’re dejected?”

I can only stand blankly, looking all disoriented because of this sudden happening.

“If you don’t believe, I can let you read my diary, you know? I’ve been writing all about you from the time First Year began.”

Minami’s large eyes are staring right at me.

I can tell from her expression that she’s not lying that she really—likes me.

Because of this, I kept listening to her quietly.

“Aki, you can’t lie when you confess to someone. I’m trying to comfort you now, but if I just wanted to comfort you, I won’t confess to you. I confessed to you like this because I really like you.”

We spent about 2 years together ever since we enrolled in Fumitzuki Gakuen, and I know how gentle of a girl Minami is, how she really cares for her friends, how compassionate she is.

But even so, she won’t confess just for the sake of a friend. She can only do so when she truly likes someone.

“But I do find it a little annoying how you fidget around like this, and I really hate you for blaming yourself and regretting your actions.”

After saying that, she stared at me with more conviction.
“—and I really hate you when you said that a girl, who summoned all her courage to confess to you, is lying.”

Minami’s words caused me to feel guilty.

I do feel that she has many mixed feelings within that line she said.

“I still remember the French words you said to me when we were in our First Year, Aki.”

Now that she mentioned the French words I said in our Freshman year, I recalled the time when we just got acquainted.

When she told me later on that ‘I mixed up French with German’, I was so embarrassed that my face was burning.

“What you did back then was so clumsy and hard to understand, but I’m happy that you had the heart to do so. You worked so hard for me like a clumsy kid.”

Minami smiles as she says this.

“Mizuki definitely thinks this too. You’re not good at studying, but you worked so hard for her sake. How can she be troubled when she’ll be happy about that instead. You’ll feel happy if it’s for your sake too, right?”

Minami’s words repeat themselves in my heart.
—What will I think if it’s me?
I already knew that Himeji-san’s clumsy, but she really works hard.

I was really attracted by how she reached to express her own thanks to someone.

It didn’t matter whether her efforts paid off. I feel that the way she worked so hard is mesmerizing. That’s why I had feelings for her.

As Minami had said, while what I did was clumsy and hard to understand, but she’s really happy that I made the effort to do so. Himeji-san’s the same too.

Even if there’s no good result from it, I do know how charming it is to see someone being so devoted and hardworking.

In that case, Himeji-san and Minami’s impression of me is—

“Aki, if you have the time to doubt the confession, why don’t you think of something else. Someone came to invite Mizuki to study overseas, right?”

If we’re talking about Himeji-san going overseas, I think there’s only the option of either ‘watching her leave’ or ‘wanting to make her stay’.

If it’s for the sake of her future, I should smile and watch her leave. It’s not that it’s a permanent farewell though; as long as her parents remain in Japan, there’s still a chance that I’ll meet her.

If I try to make her stay, I’m just thinking about what I want.

A selfish thought of wanting to be with her, to laugh and cry with her, to be in this school with her every day.

“Aki, do you know that Mizuki’s not thinking that you’re distracting her. She’s worried that ‘you’ll think you’re obstructing her’ if you know about her going overseas, and that you’ll blame yourself.”

Minami never talked about ‘sending her off’ or ‘making her stay’; she simply dispelled my misunderstanding, and told me the truth so that I won’t make any wrong decisions.

If she doesn’t think that I’m bothering her, and she doesn’t want to leave me, I really hope that Himeji-san can be together with us, as part of our regular gang, enjoying ourselves in school like usual every day.

But we still have a long way to go in our lives later on. If we live normally, we might be able to live for another 60 years or more. And…is it really the right decision to cut down on her future options just to be with her for a few more years?

“You have to think through this well, Aki. You don’t want to regret the choice you make after that.”

Minami’s eyes stare right at me, showing a reflection of myself.

It’s just as Minami had said; I don’t have the time to doubt the confession. There’s something more important to me than that, I have to choose the correct choice, but I have no idea what to choose at all.

“Haha…I really don’t know.”

I don’t know which option to choose.

If I follow my original motive of doing things for her sake, I should smile and watch her leave. It’s an overseas trip, but we still have chances to meet. Minami came back from Germany, and my parents are overseas, so being overseas isn’t a faraway thing for her.

But I really wish to spend time in the same school as her. Maybe this time isn’t considered long in our lives, but to me, they’re really important.

Also, how do I respond to Minami and Himeji-san’s confessions? I really don’t know my own feelings either.

I do have feelings for Himeji-san, but I also do find Minami charming as someone of the opposite gender.

Looking at how bad I am at choosing, I really hate myself to a point of wanting to punch myself.

Shall I send Himeji-san away? Shall I reciprocate Minami’s feelings? There are reasons why I can’t ignore them, but for me to make a decision is too—

-Baka and Test Light Novel (Volume 12; The Sixteenth Question)

Not only did Minami confess, but Himeji did too after taking a loss to Takashiro and revealing that she might have to move overseas because of her parents.

As she watches me, she says to me, crying yet smiling,

“Because—I like you, Akihisa-kun!”



The moment I heard these words, Yuuji’s hands threw me out of the window.

And then, I was practically dragged away by Yuuji.

“Run, Akihisa! Himeji’s efforts will be for naught if Takashiro catches up to us.”

For naught, my body naturally moved once I heard those words.

I’m thinking of not troubling Himeji-san again.

While I continue to run, my legs felt like they belong to someone else, and in my groggy mind, I think about what Himeji-san just said.

“Because—I like you, Akihisa-kun!”

Himeji-san said that she likes me, and because of that, she never talked about going overseas.

Her guess was correct. If I know that she’s going overseas, where the conditions are better, I’ll be hurt, but I’ll definitely advise her to go. As for why, it’s because it’ll be simply stubborn for me to make her stay here.

She likes me, and doesn’t want me to say any farewell to her, so she never said so. That’s really a reasonable answer.

But Himeji-san said that she really likes me.

-Baka and Test Light Novel (Volume 12: The Twelfth Question)



After this, Akihisa starts to feel guilty about his relationship with the both of them. He starts to reminisce about Himeji during his elementary school days and realizes what he has to do.

At the finale, Akihisa stands up to Takashiro, the final enemy, and then makes this bold proclamation:

A sharp screech can be heard from the speaker.

I thought about this a lot.

I’m very stupid, I don’t have a good brain, and I’m not good at thinking, but I thought of this with all my might.

I guess this is the only time in my life I actually thought about things so much.

And after that, I got this conclusion. I can’t possibly…leave any regrets behind!!!

I hold tightly onto the mic, and convey all my thoughts into my words.


I’m just an idiot, but I don’t think that I’m skilled enough to lie to my own feelings. If my words cause Himeji-san to stay here, and causes her path in life to be narrowed, I’ll work harder, and harder to open her path in life again! No matter how heavy the price is, I want to be with her!

That’s why—

“I’m going beat this trash of a virgin and hear your answer later!”

-Baka and Test Light Novel (Volume 12: The Nineteenth Question)



So, to clarify, Akihisa chose Himeji at the end. Minami confessed her love but told him not to choose with kindness or pity. He did so in a way where Minami and Himeji’s feelings were spared. So, in the end, Minami was cool with Akihisa’s decision and embraced her special bond with him. Now, it’s time to discuss the ending.

The Classic Ending!



The ending of the Baka and Test series was quite awesome. We got to see a Summoner Test War, featuring the Year 3 seniors, the other Year 2 classes that betrayed Class F, and Takashiro. Actually, the ending went well along the lines with no obscurity.


I switch off the power to the speakers, heave a little sigh to relax myself since I’m feeling tense.

And then,


The exit door was pushed aside, and someone runs up to the roof.

Fresh snowy white skin, with a light tint of red.

Long, soft silky hair reaching her back, dazzling under the sun.

Her eyes look as if they can absorb me in as she stares at my eyes head on.


The girl I had fallen for before we formally met was already standing there, panting.

“Aren’t you supposed to be in the detention room—”

I subconsciously mentioned the first thing that entered my mind.

“What’re you saying? I’m the one who really likes you, Akihisa-kun?”

And then, she shows the best smile ever on that face that was more beautiful than the time when we first met.

“How can I possibly sit still when you said such words?”

She leaps at me happily while I’m looking surprised.



…Ah, that’s right.

Me hating that her hard work wouldn’t be rewarded was just my secondary reason.

My motivation was actually much simpler—from the first time I met this girl, I just wanted to see her smiling face.

-Baka and Test Light Novel (Volume 12: The Twentieth Question)



Akihisa and Himeji finally got together, the war ended with a Class F victory, and everyone has made up. This usually precedes a typical Baka and Test ending, which did happen. Right when Akihisa and Himeji was about to make it official, this happened:

“I shall bear responsibility for these mistakes. I do wish that you simply focus on your studies and mature…that is all.”

Once the principal finished her words, she got down from the stage.

“Thank you very much, principal.”

The voice of Takahashi-sensei, the emcee, can be heard.

From now on, Fumitzuki Gakuen will have some change, from a direction that focuses on studies.

I guess the principal saw from us in this summoning war what are the truly important things, and also what we did for those causes.


Himeji-san, standing beside me, whispers to me softly.

“What is it, Himeji-san?”

I too whisper back to her

“This school—is really amazing, right?”

Yuuji too asked the same question before my battle against Takashiro-sempai.

In this case, I think Minami, Hideyoshi and Muttsurini will ask me the same thing.
A lot of things happened ever since we enrolled in this school.

I met a lot of people, made some bonds, and we deepened them.

We went through enjoyable times, sad times, unbearable times, happy times, all sorts of experiences.

And right now, we got such a new experience, and new bonds.
That’s why to me, no matter how many times I’m asked this, the answer is always the same.
“Right—it’s the best.”
We will still gather in this school before we graduate.

All sorts of things will definitely happen in the future, right?

At that time, we will be troubled, think about them, and change with them.

Along with this school, as the principal said.

Along with this hardworking girl standing beside me, who formed a new relationship with me.
A notification in the change of school rules

Fumitzuki Gakuen, Article 12, Section 5.

Love between students shall be forbidden.

The above rule shall be added as a new rule to the original rules
Fumitzuki Gakuen Principal Todou Kaoru
Himeji-san and I ended up back to being normal friends.

-Baka and Test Light Novel (Volume 12: The Final Question)



Wow! Typical Baka and Test ending. Well, that’s about all that happened. For those who felt that the anime ended prematurely, you can now rest knowing the fates of your favorite characters. If you want to read the light novel for yourself, you can do so here.

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