Crushing on You: Seven Character Obsessions

Obsessions are objects that drives us to the verge of insanity and addictions that can never be satisfy. They often leave us on the pinnacle of no return as one tries to cope and obtain of their hearts desires. Join us in our latest obsessions!


7. Juvia Lockser: Fairytale


A member of the fairytale guild, Juvia has developed an obsession for Gray Fullbuster current member of fairytale. She considers anyone who shows affection towards Gray a rival. Juvia has a wild imagination that tends to be filled with her love interest and rivals, and often goes into a satanic state if Gray is threaten or harm.


6. Hinata Hyuga: Naruto


Hinata a young shinobi developed a crush on Naruto after he came to her defense when she was being bullied because of her byakugan. Thus, her feelings for him flourished. She begins to watch him from a far. She even went so far to emulate him—his ninja way.


5. Alvida: One Piece

Alvida is the captain of the Alvida pirates. She was defeated by Luffy. He was the first man to ever defeat her and as a result she developed somewhat of an obsession and admiration for him.


4. Solomon Goldsmith: Blood +

Solomon is a charming and figure of extreme wealth. He is very secretive and manipulative. He was once Diva’s Chevalier, but betrayed her in hopes of securing Saya’s love.


3. Kazuma Kuwabara: Yu Yu Hakisho

Kuwabara would do anything for his friends and love. He fell in love with Yukina’s photo and was instrumental in a mission to rescue her. Yukina only thinks of Kuwabara as a friend.


2. Boa Hancock: One Piece

Boa is known as the snake prince of Amazon Lily and is the only female pirate of the shichibukai. She possesses unparalleled beauty, in which she is often depicted as the most beautiful woman in the world. She fell in love with Luffy. Luffy is one of the only man she’d encountered who hasn’t fell victim to her beauty. Hancock often becomes girlish when she around Luffy telling him she’s going to marry him. While Luffy often rebuts her as his only desire is to become pirate king.


1. Mizhuo Asano: Bleach

Mizhuo is Keigo’s older sister and she can get violent or angry over small things. She has a fetish for men with bald heads. She let Ikkaku Madarme stay with her despite not knowing him because of his shave head and was somewhat obsessive over him.


Matters of the heart pushes us toward the edge as we think of numerous ways to entice the eye of the one we desire. It causes emotions to rage within us becoming tumultuous as we seek to fulfill our desires. What are your latest obsessions?


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