Shadow Cloaked: Protagonists Overshadowed By Their Rivals

Rivals are crucial to character development. There are times when our heroes may look completely unappealing. Times when they fail so miserably that we close our eyes and hope it ends quickly, and yet these situations or failures are needed to see their character grow. Sometimes, no matter how strong they may become they are still missing something.


5. Hisoka: Hunter x Hunter


Hisoka is a member of the phantom troupe. He has an insatiable need to fight and spill the blood of strong fighters. He encounters the main protagonist Gon and allows him to live for the simple pleasure of killing him later when he’s stronger. They become rivals; at least in Gon’s mind as he hopes to defeat him one day, but he should be cautious. Hitsoka’s darker tendencies make him a raging murdering sociopath.


4. Sasuke Uchiha: Naruto


Sasuke Uchiha is one of the last remaining members of the Uchiha clan. His angst and mission to avenge his slain clan members gives him the whole bad boy rebel look. Not to mention, he’s attractive making the girls swoon and powerful. Easily displacing the lesser noticeable and silly Naruto as second best. Not to mention the sharingan is one of the best techniques of all time.


3. Seto Kaiba: Yu Gi Yoh

Kaiba is the CEO of a gaming company. He is powerful and rich and very much like Yugi Muto he is an Egyptian incarnate. Kaiba’s aim is to become the best duelist of Duel monsters and to accomplish his goal he needs to defeat Yugi making him his rival. Kaiba is arrogant and egotistical, but he’s usually willing to help Yugi; although it’s usually for his own interests.


2. Sesshomaru: Inuyasha

A full fledge dogman demon, Sesshomaru is the half-brother of Inuyasha. He comes from a powerful demon bloodline and it shows in his abilities. He’s has a cold and calculating type personality seeming always calm and confident in his abilities. His persona is the completely opposite of Inuyasha the main protagonist who is hot-tempered; thus, making Sesshomaru the cooler of the two.


1. Dragonball: Vegeta

He started out as an enemy being a cold blood killer before becoming the anti-hero that we’ve come to love. Vegeta is the prince of the fallen Saiyan race. He is full of pride and arrogance. His mission in life is to become the strongest warrior in the universe and surpass Goku who always seems to best him. It is his hard work, perseverance, and not to mention his rebellious attitude that leaves us rooting for him.


A little grit and rebelliousness goes a long way; perhaps what protagonists are missing is a cool factor, something that gives them a little pizazz. There are times when the anti-hero, the rival or even the enemy seems more appealing than their counterparts. Do you have a cool factor?


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