Top 5 Anime Soundtracks

Anime has a unique ability; It lures us into its beautiful world. Filled with vibrant colors, beauty of all sorts, emotions, and virtually everything ideal, this magical realm brings us unlimited joy. However, anime would not be anime were it unaccompanied by unique, and incredibly well paired soundtracks. While I’ve found that every anime’s soundtrack is fitting and flattering to the anime, a few of them are undoubtedly standouts.


Number 5: Mushi-Shi


A mystical soundtrack for a mystical anime- Mushishi’s relaxed and calming tunes escort the story of a man on his quest to discover more about a mysterious life form known as mushi. The soft hymns give a hauntingly beautiful tone to the state of ancient japan, portraying a time period wherein nature and mankind flourished together.


Number 4: Cowboy Bebop

Consisting of smooth jazz and blues, a touch of opera, and western acoustics, cowboy bebop’s soundtrack comes in at number 4. This distinct and diverse set of music accompanies the adventurous anime beautifully, which undoubtedly helped its popularity throughout the world on release.


Number 3: Naruto Shippuden

Because of how much I love Naruto and its soundtrack, including it on this list is an obligation. What better music to guide the emotional, and thought evoking storyline of Naruto Shippuden than a mix of rock, traditional Japanese, and symphonic medleys that may or may not bring you to tears. Through every death, triumph, reunion, or parting, Naruto Shippuden’s well put together soundtrack has the perfect fit.


Number 2: Your Lie in April

As a musician it’s impossible not to have this soundtrack either at the top, or close to it on my list. The blend of light and heavy classical piano is almost able to tell the story of Kousei and Kaori as well as the animation. Shifting from Debussy to Chopin to Bach, the pieces featured are perfect companions to the stunningly beautiful animations.


Number 1: Death Note

Watching Kira and L battle it out in a game of wits and intellect is already entertaining enough. However, the intensity of their situation is amplified by a series of cool alternative instrumentals and heavenly requiems played at just the right time and place. Death Note’s soundtrack is distinctively creative; It provides a wide scope of music that makes the anime beg for more.

So what do you guys think? What’s your top 5? Let us know in the comments section, and as always, keep it anime.