Tokyo Ghoul: Re – Is It Going To Be Worth The Wait?

Ever since its Manga weekly release, Tokyo Ghoul has been an instant hit. Written and drawn by Sui Ishida, the rather dark story began serialization during 2011. With its first chapter published in the 41st issue of Weekly Young Jump and its last appearing in 2014’s 42nd issue, the manga has been relatively long. But, in contrast to the manga, the anime’s 3rd season has been delayed time and time again, leaving the fandom slightly angry and wanting more from the slowly continuing anime.

I don’t necessarily write news articles, but here’s a bit of news: there have been rumors about a season 3 for Tokyo Ghoul to be released sometime during the summer of 2017. Which really is great, I have to admit it I love Tokyo Ghoul; however, its been roughly a year since the last season aired. But don’t confuse this with me being unhappy about getting a new season- I’m sure ill watch it and enjoy it just the same as everyone else. My only question is will it be worth it as a fan to have to wait a year for one 12-episode season? I suppose that would be dependent on how good the next season is. Personally, I’ve really enjoyed what they’ve done with the anime, and even though there are some slight differences with the manga, its still an intense and captivating story.




So as a fellow anime and Tokyo Ghoul lover alike, my advice to you all is this; don’t expect a lot from this season. Not because it won’t be a great watch, but simply because its taken forever and you can also find a lot of the same fulfillment through reading the manga. A lot of what I (and many others) enjoy in anime is experiencing the plot unfold, and being able to see character growth. While a manga will never really be the same is hearing character interaction and watching epic fights unfold, it’s a good way to get out what you want from the storyline of the anime. I don’t wish to be contradictory, and while I am keeping my expectations low I’m pretty excited to see Tokyo Ghoul: Re. like I said it’s practically been forever since Root A aired, but I’d still recommend settling down, playing some light music, and reading the rest of the manga. So let us know what you think in the comments section! Have a killer Sunday and of course, keep it anime.