Attack on Titan Latest Volume Is Best Selling Manga For Two Consecutive Weeks


According to the Oricon sales report for the week ending on April 16th, Attack on Titan volume 22 has become the world’s best selling manga for two consecutive weeks. This feat has placed the mega popular manga series in front of manga heavyweights such as: “Detective Conan”, “One-Punch Man”, and “My Hero Academia.”



The 22nd volume of “Attack on Titan was released on April 7th and has went on to sell 652,849 copies in its first week, easily topping the manga sales chart. The manga went on to sell another 373,742 copies in its second week, surpassing the sales total from the previous volume.

Drawing conclusions from this report, it is safe to assume that “Attack on Titan” is still taking Japan and the world by storm. As evidenced by the previous manga, one can only assume that the next volume will break records and top the manga sales chart once more.