Everlasting Moon Power: Sailor Moon R Returns

Moon Prism Power!

 With the re-release of Sailor Moon R: The Promise of a Rose comes the epic tale of romance. Shoujo fans young and old can rejoice once more.


In a distant past before Mamoru discovered Usagi he gave a single rose to a lonely boy who helped him recover from a crash that took the lives of his parents. As a result, the lonely boy—Fiore searched the galaxy for a flower he would deem worthy of his friend from a long time ago. He had no idea that he would come across one that would drain the life of planets. Now, Sailor Moon and the Sailor Scouts must band together to defeat his evil foe.


 The ideal of a group of superheroes dressed in skirts, great fashion sense as they wield powers of the universe was catchy; including the epic transformation transitional piece. It was rewarding to see that each sailor scout came from a diverse background and see their personalities mesh together as one.

Sailor moon returned to American theaters for the very first time in January 2017. Viz media and Toei Animation Inc. teamed up with Eleven Arts to release to show the Sailor Moon R film—The Movie: The Promise of a Rose, according to Movie Web.


However, the film first crashed onto the scene in North America in 1999 on VHS—Video Home System; that’s an analogue video recording on tape cassettes for you younglings. I was one of many girls who stormed the stores to own this epic tale of romance and intrigue. Now fans will once again get a chance to own this captivating magical story of fantasy and romance. It can now be found on DVD!

Welcome to the technological age Sailor Moon!


What is your favorite Sailor Moon movie? Which Sailor scout are you?


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