Battlefront: Seven Epic Anime Scores

Epic battles are often accompanied by dramatic and poignant scores that gets the blood flowing as we’re brought along on a journey. A struggle between two powerful forces. Music is an incredibly critical piece and focal point in anime that allows the creator to tell their story.


7. Power to Strive: Bleach

Easily one of my favorite epic battles of all time—the fight between Ichigo and Grimmjow in his released state. The score does not disappoint. It starts off with rifts and gets the blood pumping. The tempo is fast and the strings give it that addition flare. This score has a rock-ish feel suitable for Grimmjow’s personality.


6. Shippuden: Naruto Shippuden


When this score or theme song is played, immediately you knew there was an impending battle. This score is an action piece filled with flutes, drums, strings and melody. The chants in the background gives it that extra burst.


5. Symphonic Devil Suite Third Movement: Ao No EXORCIST


A dramatic score that include singing and chanting in it. There’s a sense of forebode. The song starts out slow before the tempo increase taking it to epic battle mode. The organ adds a churchy almost medieval feel to it; which is perfect. As our main protagonist have just discovered he’s the son of Satan.


4. Kakusei: The Legend of Legendary Heroes


This score starts off with foreshadowing slowly increasing in speed before finishing with dramatically and sounding more like a battle song. It’s dark and full of intrigue. This is a great piece that flows incredibly well. The collapse of the bearer of the alpha stigma as he obliterates everything in his path is dramatic. Very suitable.


3. XL TT (Colossal Titan): Attack on Titan

A colossal score fitting for a Titan. This piece is filled with dread, heavy chords and ominous chords to depict the gargantuan titan’s arrival. It’s domineering. You’re bound to notice its entrance.


2. Cometh the Hour: Bleach Hell Verse Chapter

Full of dark melodies and overwrought with foreboding, chanting and dramatic tempo this song is very fitting of Ichigo’s hollow transformation in the hell chapter and during his battle with Ulquiorra. One of my favorites.


1. Black Knights: Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion


A beautiful violin piece with dark undertones it’s fitting for an epic battle or the arrival of the black knights. The choir in the background add to its complex melody.


These epic battle scores are brought to us by master weavers of sounds. They lift of us with their touching notes and leave an everlasting impression. What are your favorite battle scores?


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