Kizumonogatari Getting New Game For Playstation VR!

Kizumonogatari Gets A VR Experience!

Apparently, just watching the Kizumonogatari movies wasn’t enough for some fans, so a game is being made for Playstation VR. This is exciting news for fans of the Monogatari series! So far, the game has no set release date, and there is no news on whether or not it will get a Western release (although, chances are it will).



Sony have teamed up with Aniplex and Kayac to announce Kizumonogatari VR. Players will be able to re-live the movie trilogy along with the powerful vampire Kiss-Shot-Acerola-Orion Heart-Under-Blade. Wow, that is a really long name.

Furthermore,  the VR experience will take virtual reality with projection mapping. Fans of the series who live in Japan have the chance to apply to try it out at an event on May 20th.

Kizumonogatari is an anime movie trilogy that is part of the very popular Monogatari series. It is based on the light novel, Kizumonogatari, which is a prequel to Bakemonogatari and is part of the Monogatari light novel series. The first film was released on January 8, 2016, the second on August 19, 2016 and the third on January 6, 2017 in Japan.  However, the first film was originally planned to have a 2012 release date, but it was pushed back until 2016.

The films were also directed by Tatsuya Oishi and produced by Shaft.

The three films are about Koyomi Aaragi, a second year high school student at Naoetsu High School. Koyomi befriends Tsubasa Hanekawa who mentions a rumour about a “blonde vampire” who has been spotted in their town recently.

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