Rebel Love: My Top Ten Favorite Antagonists

Every now then we’ll encounter antagonists that leaves everlasting impressions, such as the killing or death of a favorite protagonist. We find ourselves either rooting for their ultimate demise or hoping they’d escape. Join us in our latest countdown!




10. Diva: Blood +


The younger sister of Saya she is a pure blood chiropteran queen. She is the enemy of red shield and has a complete disregard for human life. Diva is psychotic, sadistic and selfish in nature. She grew to hate humans as a result of being experimented on as a child and attacks Riku—Saya’s younger brother; which forces Saya to turn him into a chevalier. Once this occurs Diva becomes interested in him. She infiltrates red shield rapes the young man only to give him her blood. This forces him to crystalize and die. To say I loathe this antagonist is the understatement of the century.


9. Satsuki Kiryuin: Kill la Kill


The student council president at Honnoji Academy, this girl has brains to back up her villainous behavior. She’s is calculating prideful and handles the affairs of the academy with an iron fist. Satsuki believes weak people are fools who need to be ruled and develops a rivalry against Ryuko.


8. Aizen: Bleach


Aizen is one of many antagonists in the bleach franchise; however he remains the main one. A highly intelligent, manipulative and narcissistic man, he was able to plan for a war a hundred years in the future. He is the former captain of squad five. In his thirst for power, he manipulated his comrades by pitting them against each other even changing a few into hollows as experiments. A sociopath at best, he’s able to mask his thirst for power. He ultimately obtains the hogyoku by betraying the soul society. This enables him to create to become the leader of arrancars. He possesses immense power able to easily defeat captain, vizards etc. He is cunning and deceptive. After his subjugation of the hogyoku he is pretty much invincible. Only the seals created by Kiskue Urahara—detains him.


 7. Orochimaru: Naruto Shippuden


One of the legendary sannin of Konoha, he hopes to gain immortality by experimenting and performing forbidden jutsu. He was discovered by the third hokage. He flees the village to void persecution. Orochimaru was able to develop the Living corpse reincarnation jutsu due to these experiments. Eventually, he would succeed in killing the third hokage.


6. Neferpitou aka Pitou: Hunter x Hunter

A chimera ant, one who is first born of the three royal guards, she is ruthless in her duty to protect the king and has killed countless of hunters. She retrieved a hunter’s body and operated on the brain using her ability in order to learn about human operations and how to use Nen. She is responsible for killing Kite forcing Gon to use the ultimate power to end her.


5. Anemone: Eureka Seven


She is the piolet of Nirvash End type and enemy of Gekko state. Anemone was modified to resemble a coralian; because of the experiments she suffers mentally with emotional instability and physically with painful headaches. She is nearly undefeatable when piloting the END and in her drugged state. It is in this state that she becomes bloodthirsty and dangerous.


4. Admiral Akainu: One Piece


He is responsible for destroying a small part of my soul. By killing off my favorite character Ace, he’s clearly earned his spot on this list of antagonists. A fleet admiral of the marines, he believes a person’s blood dictates their actions in life; which is his reasoning behind killing Ace—son of Gol D Rogers and attempting to kill Luffy—son of the Dragon the Revolutionary. He is an extremist and will use any means necessary to accomplish his goal.


3. Frieza: Dragonball Z

An ultimate villain who has destroyed countless of planets and decimated scores of races on a whim Frieza has earned his spot. He is the prince and emperor of the universe. His battle with the Saiyans is the reason for Goku—our main protagonist arrivals on earth and ironically death.


2. Light Yagami: Death Note

Light started off as the main protagonist of the story. He was living a rather monotonous life until he discovered the death note. A book notebook from the realm of the gods with the power to kill anyone he way he desires. It is with this ideology that he sets out to create the perfect world without criminals. With the ultimate power in hand and going to his head, Light slowly involves into the antagonist in this game of cat and mouse.


1. Shou Tucker: Fullmetal Alchemist


Known as the sewing-life alchemist he became infamous for producing a chimera capable of human speech. He’s not necessarily a main antagonist of the story; however, the crime he commits against his own daughter a four-year-old little girl makes him worthy of the number one spot. SPOILER ALERT! He merges his little girl’s life with that of her dog creating another talking chimera. It is then revealed that he killed his first wife to produce the first chimera he gained notoriety for. Anyone who is willing to kill their own wife and child for the sole purpose of research deserves the number one spot on our list of top antagonists.


There you have in folks! Until next time. Which are your favorites? Favorite antagonists not listed?


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