Seven Horror Anime to Give You Thrills

We’ve all done it. The pucker of flesh as our hearts thrust violently in our chest. The thrill of excitement as a rush of adrenaline and slight fear flow through our veins. Enjoying the dark tendencies that hide beneath the surface waiting to make itself known. Horror is a special genre where only a select few can handle its uniqueness. Are you one of them? Join us if you dare.


7. Hell Girl

One of my favorites, this anime is full of vengeance, hatred and dark human emotions. How can you not fall for its intrigue? People can take revenge on other people via the services of Hell Girl and her assistants who help her. Hell Girl is able to take people’s inner most fears and make them a reality, however, there’s a catch. Your soul belongs to her.


6. Paranoia Agent

I discovered this anime long ago when it was running on toonami’s adult swim. A series of street assaults forces detectives into action to find the attacker. The male attacking people has been given the name ‘little slugger’ since the victims are only able to recall three distinctive traits, which are the inline skates, a baseball cap, and a bent golden bat. Thus, their adventure begins to stop these violent bloody attacks.


5. Tokyo Ghoul

Ghouls are creatures that consume human flesh. The story follows Kaneki a college student who after a harrowing encounter becomes a one eye ghoul. Later an operation is perform changing him into a half-ghoul in which he is force to feed of human flesh to survive. This anime has it all, flesh devouring, bone crushing and horror filled screams to satisfy any thrills you may have.


4. Deadman wonderland

Another favorite of mine, this anime delivers on horror and gore. Ganta Igarashi is living a normal…well as normal as one can get after surviving the anomaly that engulfed japan; as he has no memories. A strange guy shows up to his class shoves something in chest, kills everyone except him and he becomes number one suspect. He’s sentence to prison where he’s injected with a lethal poison. Eating special candies every three days can neutralize it. Soon he develops the ability to manipulate his blood and is forced to participate in these gladiator style matches. It’s a dog eat dog world out there.


3. Attack on Titan

Popular among today’s generation Attack on Titan easily makes the list. In this world, humans are preyed upon by large giants called Titans. These creatures decimated the human race, simply by relentless consumption without any remorse, only to leave a few stranglers behind. The humans that survived the initial attack by the titans have now become the hunters. This anime will give you thrills with its flesh tearing, limb snapping and horror filled cries.


2. Fullmetal Alchemist

The very ideal of homunculi feeding on human flesh is enough to send chills through me. Full metal alchemist follows two brothers as they try to obtain their original bodies that were lost during a sacrilege transmutation. It is later in the series the boys learn that for every failed attempt to bring a human back from the dead, a homunculus is born in that dead human’s image. These shadow creatures have no problem in devouring human flesh. With a homunculus like gluttony on the lose beware.


1. Parasyte

This anime takes the number one spot for horror. It is a science fiction horror anime that centers around a seventeen-year-old student name Shinichi Izumi. The parasytes who have been taking over humans by entering through the nose or ear have flood the earth. One of the parasytes attempt to take over Shinichi but unsuccessfully so it enters through his hand. As result, they both retain their personalities and are often attack by other parasytes once they realize Shinichi human brain is fully intact, while Shinichi feels compelled to attack the parasytes as they consume human flesh. This anime has gore, horror and aliens all in one. What more can you ask for!


The horror genre privy to only a few souls who are brave enough to handle its grotesque, limb twisting, flesh consuming and soul tearing themes. These anime clearly make the list, not only do they fill the gore requirement, but the music accompanied throughout each series is bound to raise your hair, have you looking over your shoulders, and give you nightmares. Want more thrills? Check out contenders. Not on the list?


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