Gosick Illustrator Hinata Takeda Has Passed Away

Gosick Light Novel Illustrator Hinata Takeda Has Passed Away

The Dragon Age Magazine as well as Kazuki Sakuraba’s Gosick blog announced Tuesday that artist Hinata Takeda has passed away. She apparently passed away in January from an unidentified illness. Hinata Takeda was responsible for the artwork and original character design for Gosick; she also had her own manga series titled Crossroads of the Foreign Labyrinth, in which she created the original story and artwork.


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Both works, Gosick and Crossroads of the Foreign Labyrinth, received their anime adaptations in 2011. Gosick will be getting it’s official English Dub (Pt. 1) release on May 30, 2017.

In the blog post, Sakuraba talks about her experience in working with Takeda. Apparently, it was her editor that originally brought them together after noticing her artwork. Sakuraba remarked that she always attempted to write a story that was as good as Takeda’s art, but admitted that the illustrations easily surpassed her own work. It was also mentioned that Takeda’s last artwork for Gosick was the Japanese DVD release in 2011.

We here at Jotaku hope that Hinata Takeda is resting in peace.