Why I Don’t Think Code Geass Season 3 Will Work

Code Geass 3

Code Geass is a 10 year old anime series, and when the tenth anniversary rolled around the studio thought it was time to create a new season.

I, a massive Code Geass fan, am not excited for this new season. Why? The first two seasons were perfect as they are. First of all, all the plot holes were filled in. The ending was perfect and to this day, I have not found an anime with a better ending. I have re-watched the ending a thousand times and it still gives me goose-bumps because it’s that good.

Moving on, I also believe this new season will dig up more plot holes. Ruining what is a perfect anime series. Not only does it not make sense for Lelouch to be alive, because I personally believe he’s dead (it also says Resurrection in the title, but I’ll save this point for later). C.C. lived and I’m fairly certain she would have to die for Lelouch to get the code, since that was why she created the contract in the first place. So how on Earth is he alive? Unless someone has the power to resurrect Lelouch.


Code Geass Cart


Which leads me onto the whole resurrection thing.

Was Lelouch resurrected or was he playing dead? How on earth did he survive getting stabbed through the chest? Lelouch didn’t have the code, unless they kept that secret and he did fulfil his part of the contract. As far as I’m concerned, he didn’t get the code from his dad because his dad had a contract with V.V. and not C.C. and Lelouch had a contract with C.C. and not his dad. I’m fairly certain that in order to get the code, you must obtain it from the person you made the contract with.

I have very low expectations for this new season. If it’s good and there are no plot holes left, then great. But if it meets my expectations (which are very low) then I’m forgetting it existed. Much like how people ignore the awful DragonBall live action and the horrific Super Mario Bros. live action.

So what do you think? Leave a comment below!