Attack on Titan Season 2 Finale Review

Attack on Titan Season 2 Finale Featured

I, like many others, was genuinely shocked when I heard that Attack on Titan Season 2 (Shingeki No Kyojin) was only getting 12 episodes. With its brilliant yet terrifying story-line, its gruesome skirmishes, and fierce soundtrack, Attack on Titan surprised the anime community by exceeding all expectations. However, as much as I have longed for more episodes, the ones given were more than satisfactory.

*Note: This review contains spoilers

In contrast to season 1, season 2 moves extraordinarily fast. We’re introduced to the beast titan, then the next thing we know, Reiner and Berthold are taking Eren away to their “homeland,” whatever that means. While many of you would have likely preferred more episodes with more content surrounding the story-line, I wholeheartedly enjoyed the fact that this season was pure plot/character development. Don’t misunderstand me – I’d have loved to see more of how the scout regiment has bonded, or how Sasha reunites with her father and her hometown. But ultimately I got exactly what I desired from the 12 episodes given. Hell, I might even watch it again.

The main focus of this review is certainly the finale, and as much as I’d love to sit here and write a season review for 3 hours, I simply don’t have that time. What you need to understand going into the finale is this – Renier, Berthold, Annie, and the beast titan, were likely all working together to find a certain titan shifter. And given the recent events in the series, Eren Yeager is undoubtedly their target. The greater mysteries of the anime still remain unknown; however, we’re introduced to a new ability – Eren can control titans.


The episode begins with the scouts rapidly retreating from Reiner – who is hurling titans like baseballs. We see Eren and Mikasa together under a nearby tree when the slow and gut wrenching approach of the titan who ate Eren’s mom begins. By this point my heart was already racing, and now Hannes comes in with one heck of a vengeful attitude. Vowing to butcher the titan before them, he stops her incoming hand and begins his assault. Unfortunately, though he gives everything he has into slaying this titan, he is swatted down, caught, and eaten. If there is one thing I’ve learned from Attack on Titan, its that whenever I’m getting excited for something good to happen, I need to immediately stop feeling the excitement, and prepare myself for the impending horror that I’m about to witness.

Although one of our favorite characters has just died, the remainder of the episode is quite profound. Mikasa’s heartfelt monologue reaches Eren, and he accepts it by assuring her that no matter what, he’ll always be there to give her that symbolic red scarf. Perhaps what unfolded next is credited by the moment that the two shared, or perhaps it was the pain of losing his mother and Hannes. But somehow, Eren triggers this unknown ability to control titans. His zealous cries and powerful punching motions serve as instructions for the nearby giants and the same titan that just killed Hannes is utterly eradicated.

Attack on Titan Season 2 Eren TitanSince most of the titans are busy, the scouts are then able to resume their retreat. Reiner and Berthold quickly realize that Eren was in fact the holder of the “coordinate” and that they need to capture or even kill our enraged protagonist. However, their attempt is frivolous as Eren is successful again in exercising his unique ability. Ymir, for whatever reason decides to assist the titan duo in their defense and the three make it out alive, taking refuge atop the wall. While bedridden, Hanges and Connie approach Commander Erwin with one controversial yet valid conjecture – the two believe that the true identities of the titans are humans. And finally, the 37th episode comes to a close with the appearance of a man standing on top of the infamous beast titan, potentially giving the ape-like giant commands.

This season’s finale was genuinely incredible. I, like most of the audience, was experiencing virtually every emotion imaginable. Heartbreak and shock from Hannes’ death, excitement and intrigue from Eren’s new power, confusion from ymir, and happiness from Mikasa. Conclusively, the episode had all the necessary components for a brilliant finale. And unlike many other animated series, Attack on Titan Season 2 left me satisfied and wanting more.

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