Amazon Announces Full Anime Strike Summer Lineup

Anime Strike Summer 2017 Lineup -- Featured

Amazon has finally announced their Anime Strike Summer lineup, along with the show’s premiere dates. Unlike last season, where Anime Strike had 10 exclusive shows, this season comes in at only six; three of these new, and three continuations from last season.



Continuations from the Spring 2017 season include:

*These shows are exclusive to Amazon Strike


In a discussion between Decider and Amazon’s  Senior Content Acquisition Manager  Magda Grace, she said that when picking shows for their Summer 2017 lineup “We dove into all of the details of these series — from the staff and production companies to the compelling nature of the story line and manga sales — to identify our top picks for our summer season lineup. In the past, we have also looked at the slates of the top performing Japanese broadcast blocks, like Noitamina and Animeism, to guide our selection.”

Amazon Strike costs $4.99/mo and requires you to already have an Amazon Prime membership.

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