Steins;Gate Deserves To Get More Recognition

Steins;Gate -- Featured

In my opinion, Steins;Gate is one of the best anime series.

It upsets me that so many anime fans haven’t seen Steins;Gate, because I believe they’re missing out. It is one of the most underrated anime I have seen, and definitely deserves more recognition than it gets.

Steins;Gate is an anime series set in Akihabara, Japan in 2010. “Mad Scientist” Okabe Rintaro and his friends are part of the Future Gadget Laboratory, where they create silly inventions. However, one of their inventions: The Phonewave (name subject to change) is able to send text messages into the past and change the future as a result. Of course, the Future Gadget Lab members begin to mess with time, altering things for their selfish wishes, not realizing the effects that this can have on the future.

That description of what it’s about doesn’t give the series any justice. Trust me, the story is amazing.

Yes, I do understand that not all anime fans will like it. But those who love thriller anime series will most likely enjoy it. It is confusing and doesn’t make complete sense until you’ve re-watched it, but it has one of the best story-lines in anime. In my opinion, all anime fans should try to watch it, and at least stick with it until around episode 15.

Steins;Gate has some of the best characters and character development. The story-line and story development is amazing. So much thought and detail went into this series, and it’s a masterpiece to watch. It’s one of few shows that is just as amazing the second time around. Re-watching it will allow you to pick up on things you likely missed the first time.





The story is so intricately planned out, that when all the pieces are put together you can see the anime as the masterpiece it really is.

The only negatives to Steins;Gate is that it is incredibly confusing and sometimes hard to follow; not to mention that it takes a while for the action to kick in. Luckily, the initial development is still entertaining to watch, even if it’s hard to see what the real story is about. The animation isn’t terrible, but it’s not amazing (this is made up for with the characters and story).

I regret putting Steins;Gate off for as long as I did. I’ve been obsessed with it since I watched the series almost a year ago. I’ve re-watched it several times now, but each time it is still as entertaining as the first. There are so many small details I missed and so many references that went over my head that I finally picked up on after seeing it a few times.

If you like sci-fi (or even if you don’t like sci-fi), thriller or anime with a very good story-line, I highly recommend you watch Steins;Gate. If you do start watching it, persevere and give it a chance. Wait about 15 episodes and then judge it. If you find it confusing, carry on watching it. If you’ve finished it and it’s still confusing, watch it again. Trust me, it will all make sense eventually.

Have you already seen Steins;Gate? If not, do you think it is a show you might pick up sometime soon? Let us know!