Street Fighter V Arcade Edition…Still Needs Work

Street Fighter V Arcade Edition -- Featured

Street Fighter V (5) is a fighting game which was developed and published by Capcom. The game originally released on February 16, 2016, and received heavily mixed reviews.  Exactly twenty-three months later on January 16, 2018, Street Fighter V Arcade Edition was released. The new version of the game introduced the highly demanded arcade mode which fan’s were very angry that the game didn’t have originally.  Also added to the game was the Team Battle mode which allows for up to 5v5 teams to be assembled and pitted against each other.  All new copies of the game also come with a code to receive all twelve season one and season two characters that have been added to the game over the past two years.  If you already own Street Fighter V, you can download a free update which converts the game to the Arcade Edition, however, you will still need to buy the Downloadable Content (DLC) characters separately.

Street Fighter V Arcade Edition

Street Fighter V’s Arcade mode was split into six branching timelines across the series history.  This means that certain characters are only playable in the timelines they belong in.(i.e. Ryu and ken are in all six timelines while the newest added character Sakura is only playable in the Street Fighter Alpha, IV, and V timelines.)  The barrel breaking bonus stage also makes a return with the Arcade mode update which is available in all but the first Street Fighter timeline. Arcade mode has over 200 gallery endings and pictures which can be unlocked with a menu within the game mode which tells you how to unlock everything if you so desire.  Fight Mone, however, is not rewarded in Arcade mode.  The new update does not offer any new trophies to be collected while playing, and all previous trophy data carries over to the Arcade Edition update.

Street Fighter V Arcade Edition

With the new additions to Street Fighter V comes some changes to the game as well.  The first thing you will notice is the main menu which got an overhaul to fit the update.  Fight Money, the game’s in-game currency has been reduced for some game modes. (i.e. you now get 8k fight money for completing a character’s story for the first time which was previously a 10k reward.)  All characters received a second V-Trigger move to spice up players’ strategies with their favorite characters.  The biggest change that was needed, however, was not made as selecting your character for online play means having to go into the profile menu and change your favorite character as always.  This is absolutely stupid and should have never been changed from the previous game.

With the much-needed overhaul to the game, Street Fighter V certainly feels like a complete game now compared to two years ago, but there is still room for improvement. There are still some fan-favorite characters missing from the games’ roster, and the way you select your fighter online really needs to be changed.  Street Fighter v is a game that is finally worth paying for if you don’t already own it. If you still own this game then upgrade the game for free and get the DLC characters at your own pace since they can still be purchased in-game for 100k Fight money.  If you gave up on this game for lack of content, this new update may spark some new interest for you.  Definitely give this game a try now when you can.