Granblue and Love Live! New Crossover Announced

This weekend, a second Granblue and Love Live! crossover was announced on Twitter with a new visual revealing Honoka Kosaka’s design. The new crossover brings the original idol group to the popular mobile fantasy game.

Now it’s the µ’s time to shine as the original idol group from Love Live! School Idol Project comes to Granblue Fantasy. No other information has been announced yet, but we should expect more character designs to be revealed soon.

This isn’t the first time Love Live! and Granblue Fantasy have worked together. In August last year, Granblue brought the Love Live! Sunshine!! idol group, Aqours, into the role-playing game.

CyGames released Granblue Fantasy in 2014 and as of October 2018 has reached 22 million downloads. Granblue Fantasy earned $302 million in Japan last year, making it japan’s sixth highest-grossing game that year.

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