Japanese Government Asks for Opinions On Anime Industry Conditions

Japanese Government Asks for Opinions

As of April 27th, guidelines have been proposed by the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry detailing possible changes to laws and bylaws that protect workers in the anime industry. Due to the public spotlight, Japanese government is asking for public opinion on what has been drafted. The submissions will be open until May 31st.

Within the documents, the main points to address the issues are as follows:

  • Adding written text within the contract that gives the responsibility for organized scheduling to the production committee.
  • Creating substantial punishment for failing to adhere to new terms.
  • Collections of template contracts built for various conditions.

Animators have been aware of the climate as well. We’ve seen animators stepping forward recently on Twitter voicing concerns over anime industry conditions.


“They are realizing that though animation is a profession they chose because it’s fun, they need to get paid properly. I believe that trend will continue and lead to new ways to do things. It’s a must for animators and production companies to keep pushing forward in pursuing those solutions.” (Okaeba of JAniCA on The Japan Times)

With the Japanese government asking for opinions on this now, it’s very likely that public outcry could help to better the industry.

Even so, with the limited pull that the industry has, it is possible that the public outcry for better guidelines can create a better workplace for animators. The recent year’s anime has become a globally recognized art that many enjoy. As a result, it’s referred to as the “brand” of Japan within the document. With this global spotlight, many became aware of the culture of long work hours and crushing crunch time.

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